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  • Show Me the Alley—Seoul Hosts Performance-Sharing Meeting of Alley Restoration Project

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    Seoul will be hosting a meeting to share the accomplishments of the Alley Restoration Project that the city has been pursuing with the intent to vitalize the sites of the Alley Restoration Project by sharing excellent cases with the sites’ residents and citizens.

    As Seoul pursues the Seoul-type Alleys Restoration Project in 25 areas, Show Me the Alleys, a meeting for sharing the accomplishments of the project will take place at 2 p.m. on October 23 (Wed.), 2019 at the Multipurpose Hall on the 8th floor of the City Hall. Over 700 individuals, including Mayor Park Won-soon of Seoul and local residents, are expected to attend the meeting.

    There are 13 alleys for which basic and working design plans were established last year. The city is currently preparing to break ground to begin restoration. 12 additional alleys were selected as the project target this year. The meeting is being prepared to share the process of the execution of the Alley Restoration Project in each area and the roles and participation of the local residents for the project, while raising awareness surrounding the charm and necessity of the alleys’ restoration.

    The performance-sharing meeting will be composed of two parts. Part one, “Show Me the Playing Alleys” will include ▴ a community dance by the residents of the Alley Restoration Project target areas, ▴ the screening of a video on the story of the alleys’ restoration shot by the local residents, ▴ an appointment ceremony of the presidents of the alleys, and ▴ an award ceremony for the “Making the Village a Great Place to Live” contest.

    Part two, “Show Me the Alley,” will include ▴ drama talks on the alleys’ restoration, where participants will discuss the direction and the future of the alleys’ restoration with the mediation of TV sitcoms including Reply 1988 and ▴ the contest among university students for visions for the alleys, “Show Me the Alley for 60 Seconds.”

    The drama talks on the alleys’ restoration will become a venue in which a panel of experts will participate, including film critics, a person in charge of the plan for the Alley Restoration Project, and researchers from the Seoul Institute. They will watch the videos of alleys, including the Korean sitcom, Reply 1988, to talk about the alleys’ restoration with citizens and answer quiz questions.

    “Show Me the Alley for 60 Seconds” is a contest for university students where they express the meaning of the alleys’ restoration for 60 seconds through various types of expression, such as singing, dancing, rapping, or performing musicals. The evaluation team that is comprised of experts and the residents of the Alley Restoration Project target areas will evaluate their performances and offer awards.

    Mayor Park Won-Soon of Seoul said, “We started the Alley Restoration Project together with the citizens last year to make alleys that show off the charms of Seoul into places that are great through which to walk and great in which to live. Through the performance-sharing meeting where the residents of the areas in which the alleys are being restored participate, we will do our best to enhance the quality of life of the citizens as we revitalize the meaning of alleys and revive the community.”

    Overview of SHOW ME THE ALLEY Project’s Performance-Sharing Meeting

    □ Date & Time: 14:00-18:00, October 23, 2019
    □ Venue: Multipurpose Hall (8F)
    □ Participants: Over 700 individuals (citizens who are interested in the restoration of alleys, university students, government officials, supporting institutions, service companies from each area)

    ○ (Seoul) Mayor of Seoul, Director General of the Urban Regeneration Office, Director General of the Regeneration Policy Division, Director of the Regeneration Policy Division, etc.
    ○ (University students): 400 individuals who participated in the idea contest for alley restoration for university students
    ○ (Architects who direct the project and citizens): Individuals related to the restoration of about 25 alleys and about 300 citizens

    □ Details
    ○ Sharing the second-stage vision for the alleys by discussing Korean sitcoms that deal with alleys through the “Drama Talk Show”
    ○ Opening of “Show Me the Alley for 60 Seconds,” an alley idea contest for university students
    ○ “A Square Gallery,” to share and exhibit the accomplishments of the alleys’ restoration in each area
    ○ Community dance through volunteer participation and collaboration with regular citizens