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  • Short films shown on subway for Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival

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    Now, commuters in Seoul can enjoy some seriously short films while riding the subway. The Seoul Metro International Subway Film is now on, showing passengers on the capitals’ metro system, films that are 90 seconds or less in duration.

    Our Shin Ye-eun went to check it out.

    It’s not a movie theater, but a “moving” theater.
    The 12th Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival kicked off on August 17th, bringing short films to the subway.

    Seoul Metro and Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival launched the festival in 2009 to make subway journeys more exciting by screening short films of less than 90 seconds.
    And from 2016, they joined hands with organizers from Barcelona to take the “moving” theater overseas.

    “This year, more than 1-thousand films from 63 countries were submitted.
    But only 40 made the cut as finalists.
    Here in Seoul, anyone using subway lines 5 to 8 can watch some of these films screened on monitors in trains and at stations till September 12th.”

    The 40 finalists have been divided into domestic and international categories.
    One festival organizer said the competition was especially fierce for foreign filmmakers because they have seen the highest number of international applicants ever.
    International films made up more than 80 percent of all submissions.

    “Foreign directors are very interested in South Korean movies, directors and its film festivals. I think they are proud to see their own work being screened in South Korea.”

    And some filmmakers said they thought the festival would be the perfect chance for them to reach audiences in South Korea.

    “You can watch the short films on the subway, but also watch the short films, online. It’s a very good idea because having access to movies online, helps directors spread around the world.”

    The festival is also a great opportunity for South Korean filmmakers as the best short films will also be screened on buses, trams and subways in Barcelona.

    “The main reason why I applied for the festival was because there was a chance for my work to be screened in the subways of Barcelona. I found that to be very appealing.”

    But only three films from the domestic category and one from the international category will be selected as this year’s winners.

    “And people watching on the subway or online will get to decide the winners.
    All they need to do is vote for their favorite movie on the festival’s homepage by September 8th.
    Shin Ye-eun, Arirang News.“