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[2015] Mayor’s Speech

  • Sharing Children’s Dreams like the Wizard of Oz

  • [2015] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1568

    At an event commemorating the 93rd Children’s Day

    Date: 5/5/2015
    Venue: Seoul City Hall

    Hello, children, I am happy to see you today. Does my mask of the Tin man look good? I wore it to be someone you children like. As the Tin man loves Dorothy, I love you children very much.

    Today marks the 93rd Children’s Day. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. Have a great and pleasant day.

    Here are my congratulations to the children and their parents who just received awards from the SMG.
    Many of you put your dreams on pieces of paper and sent them up the Dream Tree. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that someday your dreams will come true. I will root for you.

    Some of you are building your dreams in the midst of difficulties. Others of you are living defiantly and boldly despite having disabilities. There are also those of you always doing something for your friends and those dreaming of becoming great scientists, and doing many other great things.

    I was also full of dreams when I was your age. When I was young, I wanted to be a poet. I wanted to describe the world as brightly and beautifully as possible. As I grew, I wanted to be a human rights lawyer to defend the rights of the less privileged. I worked as a human rights lawyer for years. I joined civic movements, hoping to make the world a more beautiful and happier place. Now, I have become the mayor of Seoul and am working to help people in the city fulfill their dreams. Today, I am very happy to see the twinkling in your eyes.

    Children, march toward your dreams. Please have courage and don’t give up on your dreams. Please share your dreams with your parents and friends. Please believe that your dreams will come true someday.

    We at the SMG are working hard to help you children fulfill your dreams and grow up healthy. We are doing our best to provide programs that will help you have a good time with your friends and have new and exciting experiences on Saturdays when you go out with your family.

    We are also making efforts to provide you children with playgrounds designed to help you foster an adventurous spirit and build creativity, including spider web nets, mazes, and facilities that let you feel like you’re flying like a bird. We listened to you kids’ opinions before starting production of these playgrounds.

    We at the SMG will continue to make efforts to share children’s dreams, like the Wizard of Oz gave a brain to the Scarecrow, the heart to the Tin man, and courage to the Lion.

    As a British proverb puts it, “A home with no child is like the earth with no sun.” I know what that means. You children are the most precious things on the earth. Please have a good time on this special day. We at the SMG will do what we can to make every day Children’s Day wonderful and to make Seoul a city where children can live happily. I love you children. Thank you.