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  • Share ‘Seoul in the Morning’ via Instagram

  • Press Releases SMG 2338
    • -SMG, opens its Instagram official account (@seoul_official), to tap into photo-based SNS.
    • – As an Instagram account opening event, SMG holds an Instagram photo contest under the theme of “Seoul in the Morning” until July 30 (Wed).
    • – To enter the contest, one should follow SMG’s official account first and use the ‘Direct’ function to send a photo with one’s name, brief explanation on the photo, and contact information.
    • – Photos entered the contest will be shared via SMG’s official Instagram account. SMG will select 100 best
      photos and give out Seoul tourist attraction-related souvenirs.
    • – A SMG official said. “It is expected that the photo contest will offer an opportunity to promote the city, by allowing photos of history, culture and daily lives of Seoul to be shared with people around the world,.”

    Take pictures of Seoul’s morning and send them to Seoul Metropolitan Government’s official Instagram account. If picked up as one of 100 selected pictures by SMG, you will get free gifts like a music box with designs of Bukchon and Seochon, a lacquer tumbler, or a neck pillow featuring Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul’s famous tourist attraction.

    The city government, which has been interacting actively with the citizens via SNS, including Twitter, Facebook, and KakaoStory, has recently opened an account with Instagram (@seoul_official) to expand the communication channel with citizens.

    On the ‘Wow Seoul’ website (wow.seoul.go.kr), the city government has 230,000 photos of the city on Seoul’s history, culture, seasonal changes, and daily lives of citizens. The city government plans to tap into Instagram so that more than 200 million Instagram users around the world can view and enjoy the pictures.

    Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing platform operated by Facebook. Users can take pictures with Instagram app, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services with comments. To upload photos, users must download the mobile app on their smartphones, which can be downloaded for free.

    As an SMG Instagram account opening event, the city government holds a photo contest with a theme of “Morning in Seoul” from July 10 to 30. Anyone can enter the contest by sending his or her theme-related photos with a brief explanation to the city government’s official Instagram account.

    In order to send a photo, one must follow SMG’s official Instagram account first, then use the ’Direct’ button, which will allow send photos to only designated account.

    Any photo related with ‘Morning in Seoul’ can be sent for the contest. For example, scenes like people who work first in the morning, a brunch in a fine restaurant in the city, office workers busily headed for work and beautiful scenery in the morning of the city will serve the purpose.

    The government will select 100 photos and present Seoul tourist attraction-related souvenirs, which have both artistry and practical values, such as the a lacquer tumbler, music box with designs of Bukchon and Seochon, the Han River-themed memo pad and bookmark, the neck pillow with designs of Bukchon Hanok Village, the lacquer Yut game set, and the Art notepads.

    Photos should be free from copyright and portrait right-related issues to be entered the contest. If deemed appropriate, SMG will share the photos with other followers via its formal account.

    Kim Seon-Soon, an SMG official in charge of communication with citizens, said. “By sharing photos of Seoul in various angles via Instagram, the global SNS, SMG aims to promote this city of beauty and charm to people around the world. We hope that many citizens, anyone, not just only whose hobby is taking-pictures, but also who wants share their precious moments in Seoul with others, join the contest and have fun. “In addition, we expect that our official Instagram account will serve as a communication platform where more citizens can easily access and share their ideas with the city government”, she added.