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  • Shall We Enjoy the Nightlife of Seoul, a City Like Janus?

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    CNN reported that “those who sleep at night in Seoul are losers.” It means that there are so many things to see, eat, and enjoy in Seoul during nighttime that you will have to save even your sleeping time. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has published a travel guide book of the Seoul Nightlife (The City That Never Sleeps – Seoul) which contains 58 nighttime tourist attractions of Seoul to help foreign visitors fully enjoy its beautiful nightlife.

    basic_book The e-book of The City That Never Sleeps – Seoul has been published after 8 months of data collection, coverage of professional writers through their experience, recommendation of nighttime tourist attractions by autonomous districts, and an essay contest for domestic and foreign tourists who are interested in the tour of Seoul (June ~ July, 2013).

    The 58 nighttime tourist attractions contained after such a process will guide the night culture of Seoul introducing travel information necessary for night tourism as well as the episodes of the tourists who visited the places so that tourists can enjoy those places according to their taste and interest.

    Implemented as part of the project to discover and use the nighttime tourist attractions of Seoul, the nighttime guide book will publicize the charm of Seoul for both foreigners and Koreans to have an easy access and see, feel, and enjoy the never sleeping city.