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  • Sewoon Shopping Mall’s restart through 「Again · Sewoon Project」 in February.

  • Press Releases SMG 2679

    – Seoul announced the first phase (Jongmyo to Eulji-ro) public leading project on 28th January (Thursday). Completed in May 2017.
    – Increase observation elevators, escalators linked to the decks following opinions from merchants and residents.
    – Promote for the center of Creative Manufacturing Industry using Sewoon Shopping Mall’s potential and external growth engine.
    – Again · Sewoon Plaza (Oct. 2016) → Sewoon to Cheonggyeo pedestrian bridge (Feb. 2017) → Deck maintenance (May. 2017)
    – Expect five-fold increase in floating population, 200 start-ups, over 70% of the social consensus to the cooperation agreement.

    The very first residential-commercial complex of Korea, Sewoon Shopping Mall which was built in 1968, was the mecca for electronic industry of Korea. Seoul Metropolitan Government starts an urban revitalization project to transform this old and depressed shopping complex to the center of creative manufacturing industry and be honeycombed with passages.

    This regeneration project named as 「Again · Sewoon Project」 which means the energy of the world will be gathered again. Seoul announced on last Thursday 28th January that the first phase of public leading project, which will connect ‘Jongno – Sewoon Shopping Mall – Cheonggye · Daelim Shopping Mall’, will start in February. They are aiming to finish the construction in May 2017.

    ‘Modern Vernacular (E_SCape Architecture)’ was selected from International Competition for Re-structuring Sewoon Shopping Mall last June. Then, this design plan was confirmed last December by reflecting views and opinions of residents through the presentation to owners and tenants of the shopping (17 times) and meeting with the expert advisory group (4 times).

    Seoul will expand facilities from residential opinions such as installation of observation elevators, toilets in walking decks, underground passages through Eulji-ro, escalators run to each decks, and maintenance of outdoor unit of Air conditioner in the second floor.

    Especially, Seoul will not only improve the infrastructure including previously planned pedestrian passages, but also found ‘Again · Sewoon Cooperation Support Center’ for manufacturing business innovation that revitalized in other many countries such as the U.S (Silicon Valley) and China (Shenzhen) recently. At the same time, Seoul will invite strategic institutions, which will become the growth engines through strengthen policy supports.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the launch of the first phase of Public Leading Project on 28th January (Thursday) at 10:00 AM at the Sewoon Shopping Mall Courtyard (5th floor) which participated over 200 people of owners and lessees of the shopping center, and residents, City Mayor Park Won-soon and Congressman Chyung Ho-joon, Head of Jongno-gu, Kim Young-jong.

    In addition, Seoul Mayor, the representatives of owners and merchants signed ‘Anti-Gentrification Cooperation Agreement’ on the same day. The City said that around 80% of businessmen in Sewoon have the social consensus to the cooperation agreement, and Seoul is planning to extend residents’ awareness through later presentation.

    The main agendas of ‘Again · Sewoon Project’ are ① Walk Again Sewoon (Walk Regeneration) ② Visit Again Sewoon (Industrial Regeneration) ③ Smile Again Sewoon (Community Regeneration).

    Firstly, Walk Regeneration will carry forward phased projects of Constructing ‘Again Sewoon Plaza’ in Jongmyo – Sewoon Shopping Mall area (will be finished in Oct. 2016), Building ‘Pedestrian bridge’ over Cheonggyecheon (will be finished in Feb. 2017), Maintaining Decks in ‘Sewoon ~ Daelim Shopping Mall’ area and Install Container Box typed Platform Shell (will be finished in May. 2017), and the main point is recovering city’s value as Multidimensional City.

    Sewoon Choroktti Park, currently used for urban agricultural area, will be renovated as ‘Again Sewoon Plaza’, which Jongmyo lies spread out before the sloped plaza, and broad pedestrian crossing will be installed. In addition, several citizen participated events like outdoor performances, flea markets, and exhibitions will be held in the plaza and the space under the slope.

    The pedestrian bridge between Sewoon and Daelim Shopping Mall was disconnected during the restoration undertaking on the Cheonggye creek in 2005. This bridge will be reconnected (Sewoon Bridge, extended 58m), and it will be the North-South walking passage. The East-West walking passage will be also connected with escalators and elevators directly from Daelim Shopping Mall and Euji-ro Underground Pedestrian Arcade. The plan is that tourists who visit Cheonggyecheon will be able to reach from Jongmyo to Namsan through the pedestrian bridge.

    The new deck will be built at the second floor beside from the existing deck in the third floor to make a new attraction for watching Cheonggyecheon and Seoul’s sky. Around 30 ‘Container Box’ typed modules will be installed between the second and third floor for a gallery, a lounge, a toilet, and others. For citizen’s safety, the third deck will be totally repaired and reinforced, and the facility condition will be improved over B grade (currently D grade).

    In the meanwhile, a feasibility study on “Sampung Store – Poongjun Hotel – Jinyang Store (L=450m) Multi-level Walking Passage Construction” as the main agenda of the second phase project will be conducted in February. They are aiming to work out a basic conception plan, thoroughly canvassed residents’ opinion include the owners for passage connection from Sampung Store, which its third floor’s deck was demolished, to Poongjun Hotel within this year and finish the project by 2019.

    Secondly, create the center of creative manufacturing industry with through Sewoon Shopping Center’s potentiality and external growth engines. To achieve it Seoul Metropolitan Government will politically support ▲ Found and operate ‘Again Sewoon Cooperation Support Center’ (from Nov. 2016) ▲Test operate Sewoon Living Lab (May. to Oct. 2016) ▲ Invite strategic institution (from Feb. 2016).

    Thirdly, a self-sustaining organization “Again Sewoon Citizen Council’ will be operated to achieve regional revitalization from residents. The municipal government will support several empowerment programs such as Repair cooperative association (’16. 10), 21C Alchemist (’16. 7) and Sewoon Shopping Mall is a university (’16. 4).

    As regards gentrification, Rental Dispute Meditation Committee will be organized to arbitrate rent issues and give them a legal support from lawyers and tax accountants.

    Seoul is expecting ▲ Five-fold increase in floating population (2,314 people → 13,000 people per day) ▲ 30% growth in sales of shopping center ▲ More than 200 start-ups ▲ 70% increase in companies, which rented under Anti-Gentrification Cooperation Agreement.

    Additionally, Seoul is expecting that Sewoon Shopping Mall Area Renewal Project will be speeded up along with ‘Again · Sewoon Project’.

    “Today is the day that Sewoon Shopping Mall has begun to return to the citizens after a long waiting. We will put in public functions and support financially to the regional revitalization of inhabitants initiative. Sewoon Shopping Mall is Seoul’s urban and architectural heritage and has a cultural value as a historical, cultural, and industrial complex. We will do our best to reborn it as a Seoul’s honeycombed landmark with downtown’s walking passages, and revitalize neighborhood area.” Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said.

    “Again · Sewoon Project is in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which I discussed with the world intellectuals at Davos Forum(20th to 23rd Jan) in Switzerland recently. Sewoon Shopping Mall led the Third Industrial Revolution of Seoul and Korea in 70s. From now on, it will become the center of Creative Manufacturing Industry and be in front of Seoul’s Fourth Industrial Revolution.”