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  • Sewoon Shopping Center

  • SMG 2793

    Birth of the Korean IT Industry Urban Regeneration Dasi (Again), Sewoon!

    Sewoon Shopping Center which pioneered the Korean IT industry, will be transformed through the Dasi (Again) Sewoon Project.

    Sewoon Shopping Center What was it?

    It was the first commercial and residential complex in Korea and the mecca of manufacturing of electrical goods, electronics, machinery and metals.

    With the development of Gangnam and Yongsan in the 80s, however, it declined and was designated as a demolition/redevelopment area in the 90s.

    Through urban regeneration, the forgotten Sewoon Shopping Center was reborn into the hub of the fourth industrial revolution.

    The Dasi (Again) Sewoon Project is characterized by support for the creation and development of startups and cooperation with existing technicians.

    16 technicians who worked for Sewoon Shopping Center in the past will be selected to promote technological cooperation with young startups.

    From trial developments to production and commercialization, the Sewoon Shopping Center is transforming into a platform of the quaternary sector.

    Through cooperation between experienced technicians of the analog era and passionate startups of the Smart generation, Sewoon Shopping Center will revolutionize the quaternary sector. Look forward to the significant first step!