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  • Sewoon Sangga (Sewoon Plaza)

    00:00:02 Wow it’s so big.
    00:00:06 Can I do fishing here?
    00:00:08 Hey guys,
    00:00:09 This is Myeongh-Hoon again
    00:00:10 and guess where I am right now.
    00:00:15 So right now,
    00:00:15 I’m out at the Cheonggyecheon.
    00:00:18 Yeah, I think this is going to be fun.
    00:00:21 So let’s go check out! Follow me.
    00:00:33 Okay, looks like we finally arrived at Sewoon Sangga.
    00:00:38 So why don’t we go check?
    00:00:40 I think it’s going to be a really cool place.
    00:00:43 Sewoon Sangga(Sewoon Plaza) was the first general electronics shopping mall in Korea, but over time, the facility was falling behind and people did not visit it much anymore.
    00:00:52 However, it was reborn as a center of the 4th Industrial Revolution through Seoul city’s urban regeneration project.
    00:01:00 This place is like a..
    00:01:05 It’s a really huge market.
    00:01:07 And there’s a lot of people taking a rest here.
    00:01:31 So I finally up here, up in the rooftop.
    00:01:35 I can see the Gwangjang market over there.
    00:01:39 And the huge palace is called Jongmyo, I think.
    00:01:44 And the Seoul N tower as well.
    00:01:46 What I like about this place is,
    00:01:49 we can see the old historical
    00:01:52 like buildings and a modern, the newer buildings on one side.
    00:01:58 Okay, so, I was out at the Cheonggyecheon and Sewoon Sangga today.
    00:02:03 And I think it’s a really beautiful place.
    00:02:07 Great views and lots of people here and…yeah.
    00:02:11 All the classical and historical, the modern buildings.
    00:02:15 It’s really beautiful
    00:02:17 and I think I’m going to be coming here
    00:02:19 quite a lot with my friends, parents.
    00:02:25 It’s a nice place here.
    00:02:27 So I’m going to be waiting here to watch the sunset.
    00:02:32 The beautiful sunset of Seoul.
    00:02:34 And I look forward to seeing you guys again.
    00:02:38 So I think this is it for today.
    00:02:41 Bye guys.
    00:03:03 Through ‘Dasi(Again) Sewoon Project’, Sewoon Sangga has been reborn as a hot place in Jongno of Seoul, filled with retro sensibility.
    It is embraced by many citizens, and many famous places nearby such as Cheonggyecheon, Eulji-ro, and Gwangjang Market.
    00:03:11 In Sewoon Sangga, the electronics shopping mall that has 40 years of history, you can find numerous craftsmen and electronic products such as electrical and electronic components, sound equipment, and lighting equipment.
    On top of the building, it has an observatory called ‘Seoul Rooftop’ that offers panoramic views of the city such as Namsan and Jongmyo.