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  • Sewoon Arcade Becomes ‘On-site School’ for Invention Vocational High School Students

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    • – Educational programs led by craftsmen and residing companies at Sewoon Shopping Center, the hub of urban manufacturing and fourth industrialization technology, to be provided to teenagers
    • – Workshop, invention contests to be held using skillsets learned from Sewoon Shopping Center
    • – Seoul enters business agreement with four Invention Vocational High Schools on March 15, followed with a four-day joint camp kick-off

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 15, 2018 – Sewoon Shopping Center is transitioning into a fourth industrialization hub, filled with craftsmen with over 40 years of experience and creative young people who focus on urban manufacturing. This site will also become a “technology school” for teenagers who aspire to become inventors of the future.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced its plans to operate a “Youth Technology School Program” where four invention-specialized vocational high schools will attend. In addition to schools in Seoul, ones from other various provinces of the country, such as Gwangju, Gwangyang in Jeollanamdo, Seogwipo in Jeju-do, are expected to participate in the program. This effort will drive Sewoon Shopping Center to become a nationwide technology school.

    Sewoon Shopping Center which holds an array of technology ranging from traditional urban manufacturing, such as electronics, visual communications and lighting, to fourth industrialization will become a giant classroom. Also, 16 skilled craftsmen and 17 start-up companies will be in charge of educational programs to provide an on-site education that cannot be taught at school classrooms.

    Students from the four schools will start off by attending an “Invention High School Joint Camp” from March 28 through 31, 2018. They will learn various skillsets from Sewoon Shopping Center’s craftsmen and partake in diverse programs, such as invention school, invention workshop, and invention contests.