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  • Some Sevit on the Han River Opens to the Public on Oct. 15

  • Press Releases SMG 2610
    • – SMG announced Some Sevit will be opened to the public on October 15, Wednesday
    • – The floating island is the world’s largest artificial islands and first of its kind with convention facilities
    • – SMG is committed to make the island as a global landmark and tourist attraction for 10 million visitors

    On Oct 15 (Wed), The Seoul Floating Island sets out to re-open with a new name, “Some Sevit.’ Located in the southern end of the Banpo Bridge, it has drawn attention as world’s largest artificial island and the first of its kind, a water convention facility.

    Some Sevit consists of three artificial islands, Gavit(Island 1, Vista), Chavit (Island 2, Viva) and Solvit (, Island 3, Terra). Previously, parts of Gavit and Chabit were opened to the public, as convention hall and restaurants on the islands initiated their business. Now the rest of the two islands and the entire Solvit, which was never opened to the public, will altogether be within the reach of citizens.

    Some Sevit, which means ‘Three sparkling islands’ in Korean, spans about 9,995㎡. All three islands of Sevit, Gavit Chavit and Solvit are connected by bridges. Convention center and cafes are located on Gavit, whereas Chavit mostly has restaurants and Solvit has water sports facilities. Some Yevit, a media art gallery can also be found in the Some Sevit. The art gallery is about 346 in size, and will serve as venue for various concerts, performance and presentation show throughout the year. It will also be opened to college students and amateur artists who are looking for places to exhibit their works.

    Back in 2007, Some Sevit was incubated from a citizen’s idea. The construction work began in September, 2009. And in September 2011, after two years of construction, the Island was completely built. However conflicts over selecting an operator and management issues derailed the normal operation of the island. It was only in September 2013, when the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Hyosung co, the largest stakeholder of the Some Sevit, agreed to normalize the operation, that the entire opening of the island was secured.

    ‘Some Sevit’ began from an idea of ‘a floating island’ by a citizen, who posted his idea on the online citizen bulletin board of SMG. The project cost a total of KRW 139 billion, which was entirely financed from private sector. Flossum Inc, an affiliate of Hyosung co, will be in charge of the operation of the Island. After 20 years of free rent period, SMG will assume the ownership of the Islands through contributed acceptance.

    Before the official opening, SMG has already made some parts of the Island available to citizens. In May, 2011, bridge and deck of all three islands were opened to the public for the view. After the operation normalization agreement was concluded, Some Gavit was opened in May, 2013. In July, same year, some facilities of Chabit became available as well on a gradual basis. In May and June, the CNN Café and the Ollah, an Italian restaurant on the first floor, FIC Convention center, the second floor, and Vista Pub, on the third floor of Gavit started their business in a consecutive manner. In July, same year, a two–floor water floating buffet restaurant on the Chavit opened as well.

    Some Sevit is not the world’s first floating island. The Floating Garden in Hanover, Germany is the world’s first floating island, which used floaters to set a garden on the water. There are artificial islands in Rostok, Germany and Graz Mur, Austria. But ‘Some Sevit’ marks the world’s first and largest artificial island that is equipped with multi-complex facilities for diverse use, such as concerts and meetings.

    SMG hope that Some Sevit become a major tourist attraction for 10 million visitors. With Seoul citizens’ support and attention, we believe the island can become a global landmark.”