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Employment-related Insurances


Industrial accident compensation insurance is a statutory insurance designed to guarantee the income of an injured worker and his/her family. Under the Labor Standards Act, the state collects insurance premiums from employers and pays compensation to injured workers on behalf of their employers.. The coverage now includes new industrial diseases, work-related exhaustion and stress. While prevention remains the best policy, compensation is provided to workers who are injured or to family members of deceased workers.

Eligibility and application process

Since July 1, 2000, employers with at least one employee must apply for industrial accident compensation insurance.


  • Agriculture, forestry (except for logging businesses), fishery and hunting businesses with five or fewer employees. (The said insurance applies to a business performed by a corporation with fewer than five employees.)
  • Contractual work for a building whose total floor space comes to less than 330 square meters as the work for erection or substantial repair of a building undertaken by a person without a construction business license.
  • Household service industries

Eligibility of foreign workers

  • Foreign workers under contract with a Korean company or employer and who are paid a regular income after providing the employer with a particular service are recognized to an equal extent as a Korean worker. Furthermore, if an employer of a foreign national has employees covered under industrial accident compensation insurance, the foreign national is automatically included in coverage.
  • Foreign nationals working in Korea illegally without the proper visa are, regardless of their standing with the Immigration Office, considered eligible to apply for the grant.

Industrial accident application process

  • In order to be classified as an industrial accident compensation case, an accident victim must apply to the Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service. The application covers details about the applicant as well as an eye witness account of the accident. The application form should be submitted along with the employer’s confirmation letter and doctor’s opinion.
  • Once the Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service receives the application form, a detailed investigation is carried out regarding the individual, eye witness, and employer for verification purposes. Further documents and application forms may be required by officials from the Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service. Once a thorough investigation and the necessary paperwork have been completed, officials will determine whether the individual can in fact be classified as an industrial accident victim.
  • In the event of death, the family may apply for compensation and funeral costs.