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Public Transportation

Taxis are a convenient way to get to your destination. To help with communication, Seoul Metropolitan Government operates foreigner-dedicated taxis and provides interpretation services.

International Taxi

  • International Taxi services basically require a prior reservation via telephone (+82-2-1644-2255) and website.
  • Call +82-2-1644-2255 for English/Japanese consultations, which are available all year round 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • A direct reservation is possible via the homepage for International Taxis
  • Immediate use of the taxi is available even without a prior reservation if there is a taxi that is standing by.

Consultation and reception  of reservation

  • Tel : +82-1644-2255
  • Fax : +82-2-2043-1578
  • E-mail : reserve@intltaxi.co.kr


The benefits of using an international taxi

  • The hiring and educating of taxi drivers and call center operations are supervised by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Taxi drivers have certifications in foreign language proficiency.
  • The information desk and boarding area that are exclusively for International Taxi users are located at the Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport.
  • Payment is possible with credit cards or T-money.
Medium Taxi
Medium Taxi
  • These taxis can accommodate up to five passengers.
  • The “International Taxi” sign is on the roof of each taxi.
  • Cabs with “Japanese” signs mean that the driver can speak Japanese.
Luxury Taxi
Luxury Taxi
  • These taxis can accommodate up to 5 passengers.
  • The color is black . The sides of the vehicle and the roof lamp will have the “International TAXI” sign.
Large Taxi
Large Taxi
  • These taxi vans can accommodate up to nine passengers.
  • The body of the vehicle is black and “International Taxi” signs are displayed on the sides.
Regular Taxi
Regular Taxi
  • While you can differentiate between a privately and company owned taxi by their  roof lamp, you can also easily spot company owned cabs by the company name and numbers on their side doors.
  • The basic fare for these taxis is 3,000won for the first 2 km with an increase of 100 won per 142m.
Luxury Taxi
Luxury Taxi
  • These taxis are black with yellow roof lamp. Although considerably more comfortable, these luxury cabs also cost more.
  • The basic fare is 5,000 won with an increase of 200 won per 3km.
Free interpretation
Free interpretation
  • These taxis have the sign “Free Interpretation,”
  • Riders have access to free interpretation services in Japanese, English, and Chinese via the use of a cell phone.
  • If you need the service, simply tell your cab driver, “Free interpretation.”