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Motorcycles are affordable and easier to maneuver around the congested streets of Seoul.
If you’re thinking about purchasing a motorcycle, the first and most obvious step is to obtain a license. Before obtaining a motorcycle license, it is important to note that motorcycles with an engine size up to 125 cc do not require a separate license. A regular 1 & 2 Class License will allow you to drive a motorcycle with a smaller engine. It is also important to remember that motorcycles are not allowed on highways in Korea. If you plan on traveling long distances or to use various expressways in Seoul to commute, automobiles are better.

Getting your License

Those who need to obtain a Korean driver’s license or those who are interested in riding motorcycles with 125 cc or bigger engines need to obtain a Class 2 Korean license. Other than the fact that the age limit is 16 and over, the procedure for obtaining a license remains the same for motorcycles and automobiles.

Motorcycle Registration (50 cc or more)

Seoul residents can register their motorcycles at the Transportation Administration Department of the Gu Office of the area that they reside in.

Documents to be submitted

  • Document confirming residence

※Two-wheeled vehicles under 50 cc, which are produced and sold from Jan.1, 2011, have been included in the control of the Automobile Safety Standard, so their use has to be reported to their office of a si, gun, and gu.