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Medical Facilities

Medical Referral Service

The Seoul Global Center (SGC) launched by Seoul Metropolitan Government operates a 24-hour Medical Referral Service (MRS) for foreign nationals. Medically trained, English-speaking staff provide information and recommendations on medical facilities and services. The MRS team has striven to provide quality medical information by regularly visiting medical facilities that offer medical services to foreigners. The team constantly seeks to make improvements by collecting feedback from foreign nationals.

  • E-mail:medicalreferral@seoul.go.kr
Medical Referral Service

Emergency  Services

Dasan 12
Seoul Call Center 82-2-731-6800 / 120 Dasan Call Center
  • The Seoul Call Center will answer your questions about living in Seoul and respond to your suggestions or complaints.
  •  It is open 24/7.
Fire and Emergency 119
  • Please call 119 when you need emergency assistance, including an ambulance. The ambulance service is provided free of charge. Interpreters are available for foreign nationals who do not speak Korean.
  • We provide information on hospitals, illness consultation, first-aid methods, and interpretation for patients in English, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, and Vietnamese.
  • The service is provided 24/7.
Korea tourism
Travel Assistance Service 1330
  • We provide information on all matters relating to travel within the country.
  • The service is provided 24/7.
Police 82-2-313-0842 / 112
  • The National Police Agency is ready to receive reports on crimes via an interpretation center.
  • The service is provided 24/7.
Telephone directory service 114
  • Please give the operator the name and address you seek and she will give you the phone number.
  • The service is provided 24/7.
Interpretation Service 1588-5644
  • If you have any difficulty communicating with someone due to the language barrier, please ask for help by calling 1588-5644.
  • The interpretation service is provided on a real-time basis by volunteers in the following 17 languages: English, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Malaysian.