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The types of housing available in Korea included serviced apartments, apartments, one-room studios, multi-family residences and hanoks (Korean traditional houses)

service resident

Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are furnished apartment buildings for both short- and long-term visitors in Seoul.

  • They have all the necessities of a modern apartment
  • These units are usually two to three times bigger than your average hotel room and usually include a kitchen.
  • Hotel-like services are provided, which include a front desk, a business center and a community area. Visitors may prefer a serviced residence as opposed to a hotel because of their affordability.


Apartments are the most popular housing option among Koreans. They are preferred by most locals mostly due to their convenience.

  • Nearly all apartment complexes have facilities nearby such as supermarkets, district offices, post offices, and schools, as well as easy access to public transport.
  • Basic utilities like water, gas and heating are well established.
  • The units are somewhat smaller than what one might be accustomed to abroad.
  • Since the units are tightly packed into each complex, there can be a lack of privacy.
  • Looking for a parking space after work can also be a challenge, as most complexes do not allocate parking spaces to each unit.
offficetel studio

Officetels / One-room studios

Officetel (office + hotel) refers to a residence-like office space. Some Koreans use them as residences.

  • Most of them are located in easily accessible places.
  • They are equipped with furniture and convenient facilities. The tenant’s privacy is protected.
  • A one-room studio is a smaller version of an officetel.
  • One-room studios have lower monthly rents than officetels. There are many one-room studios near universities.

Detached Houses

Detached houses are built for families on a detached housing site.

  • In detached houses, families have a lot of privacy. You can live comfortably without worrying about causing neighbors discomfort.
  • You can have your own garden.

Multiplex Houses

They are smaller versions of apartments.

  • A multiplex house is in a building no higher than four-stories.
  • A number of families can reside in separate residential space in a building, and each household can own and sell the suit separately.


A hanok is a traditional Korean house.

  • Ondol, a system of  heated floors, keeps the house warm during the cold winter months, while the wide front porch keeps it cool during the scorching, hot summer months.
  • The hanok is a type of residence unique to Korea that was developed to meet the needs associated with the frigid cold of winter and the scorching heat of summer.
  • It is interesting to note that many remodeled traditional houses are appearing in the city.
  • These remodeled homes have various modern amenities to go along with the beauty of their traditional design.