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Cable TV

Subscription to cable TV gives you access to more than 50 channels.

Cable TV Channel Genre, Required Documents
Channel Genre
  • Movies, dramas, sports, games, news, information, entertainment, local information, home shopping, children, music, hobbies, everyday life, documentaries, women/household matters, education, religion
  • Local TV broadcast programs and satellite TV programs of the United States, China, Japan, and Europe
Required Documents
  • Alien registration certificate and bankbook (and a copy of your passport for GIRO-based monthly payment of fees)

*  For further details, please contact your local cable TV station




Korea Cable Television & Telecommunications Association Website
HCN hcn.co.kr 070-8100-0300
T-broad www.tbroad.com 070-8177-0009
CJ HelloVision www.cjhellovision.com +82-51-1544-1003

Satellite TV

Satellite broadcasting refers to the transmission of TV and PCM programs via a broadcasting satellite (BS). BS viewers can watch channels from all over the world that are not available on Korean terrestrial channels. You can view the programs at your convenience after recording them.

  • Satellite broadcast available in Korea: SkyLife
Satellite TV
SKYLIFE http://www.skylife.co.kr/eng 82-1588-3002
  • Good picture and sound quality based on digital technology; hundreds of channels; even quality regardless of the location.
  • Data broadcast service via interactive communication; professional audio channel service.
  • Monthly rates vary depending on the satellite TV providers, products selected and terms of contract.
  • In addition to the monthly rates, you will need to pay for the receiver, antenna and installation.