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The high-speed Internet has spread rapidly throughout Korea, one of the most internet-savvy countries in the world. Most households now have access to high-speed internet services.

Internet Major companies, Use of service
Major companies
Use of Service
  • Wired internet service : You need wired equipment.
  • Wireless internet service: You need wired and wireless equipment.

Internet Café (PC Bang)

Demand for the Internet has led to proliferation of the so-called PC Bangs or Internet Cafés, which are readily available in almost every major city or town nationwide. At any of these commercial establishments you can send e-mails, surf the Web, draw up and print documents, all for a  very reasonable price.

User fees range from 1,000 KRW to 1,500 KRW an hour.

Sometimes the price can be cheaper during the evenings or with a membership card.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives Mobile telecom businesses vie with each other, offering diverse services, including the transmission of moving visual images and short messages. Nowadays, smartphones are rapidly becoming an essential feature of everyday life in Korea.

Mobile phones Major companies, Required Documents
Major Companies
Required Documents
  • Passport or foreign registration card
  • You (or your agent) need(s) to pay a visit to a store representing one of the above-said telecom business and present your ID.


To install a phone at your home or office, please buy a phone and call 100. You will need to present your passport and a copy of your alien registration certificate. About 60,000 won of the installation fee might be charged, while the basic monthly fee is 5,200 won.

International Calls

Four telecom
businesses offer international call services with different call charges. You need to consult their home pages to view the details of their call charges.
They offer discounts (30-50%) on call charges in the following time slots:
early morning (before 8:00am); late night (after 9:00pm), and on public holidays.

International Calls
SK Telecom 00700 International Call Service www.sktelink.co.kr
KT 001 International Call Service https://product.kt.com/
Sejong Telecom  00365 International Call Service www.00365.net
LG U+ 002 International Call Service www.002v.com