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Currency Exchange

※ This page does not provide real-time exchange rates. Check the following link for real-time information and exchange rates.

Korean currency

  • The currency of Korea is the won (₩; KRW).
    You can easily exchange foreign currencies into Korean won at banks’ exchange offices in the airport, banks in downtown Seoul, and private currency exchange offices.
  • Korean monetary unit
    1. Bills: Four types of bills, including ₩1,000, ₩5,000, ₩10,000, and ₩50,000.
    2. Coins: Four types of coins, including ₩10, ₩50, ₩100, and ₩500.
Currency Exchange

Payment methods available in Korea

  • Traveler's checks
    Traveler's checks can be exchanged for cash at banks or currency exchange offices. Traveler’s checks can be used as an alternative to cash, but checks are rarely used in Korea.
  • Credit card
    Credit cards can be used in most stores, restaurants, hotels, and tourist destinations nationwide. You can pay by credit card regardless of the amount, small or large. Businesses accept various credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express.


You are required to present a passport or residence card when exchanging currency.
You can exchange currency up to $10,000 at a time. For currency exchange of more than the said amount, a customs declaration is required.

Currency exchange offices

Most private currency exchange offices operate from 6 AM to 9 PM. However, you need to check as opening hours may vary by branch.
Opening hours of banks' exchange offices in the airport vary, and some operate 24/7. Check the airport website for locations of exchange offices.