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2017 Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival


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Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival

The Seoul Kimchi Festival is a festival of Seoul established in 2014 with the hope to harmonize tradition and modernity and create an occasion of union and sharing among people from different parts of the world through learning about and participating in Kimchi-making.
The 2017 Seoul Kimchi Festival will be held under the theme of ‘Warm Sharing, Kimchi-making in Seoul.’
Programs will allow participants to touch, taste and enjoy kimchi. Some of the noteworthy programs include Making & Sharing Kimchi with 5,000 people making kimchi for neighbors in need, Seoul Kimjanggan where people make kimchi using their own recipe, and Kimchi Market.
[Making & Sharing Kimchi]

  • DAY 1: Kimchi-making in Seoul! / Opening Ceremony
  • DAY 2&3: Fun Festival, Kimchi-making Day! (Pre-reservation)

[Seoul Kimjanggan]

  • Seoul Kimjanggan 1: Kimjanggan of Masters (Kimchi-making by masters and tasting), My Kimjanggan (Kimchi-making participated by family members) (Pre-reservation)
  • Seoul Kimjanggan 2: Kimjanggan of Chefs (Kimchi dish-making by chefs), Kimjanggan of Foreigners (Kimchi-making by foreigners) (Pre-reservation)

[Kimchi Market]

  • Eight Provinces Kimchi Market
  • Kimchi Fusion Food Truck
  • Youth Food Court
  • Kimchi Tavern