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2018 Seoul Kimchi Festival

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The 5th Seoul Kimchi Festival, Largest Kimchi Sharing Festival Ever

The 5th Seoul Kimchi Festival, held under the theme of Warm Sharing, Kimchi-making in Seoul, is set to take place at Seoul Plaza and Mugyo-ro, over the course of three days from November 2-4. The festival is anticipated to attract approximately six thousand Seoul residents to produce as much as 165 tons of kimchi on site, making it the grandest festival of 2018.

In addition to the community kimjang, or kimchi-making, activities this year’s celebration will feature an exhibit about the history and attributes of kimchi from the local communities, as well as hands-on programs for the enjoyment of all festival-goers, including children and foreigners. The Seoul Kimjanggan, Kimchi Sangsang Playground, and other fun events and attractions are also in store as Mugyo-ro transforms into Kimchi Street with kimchi from all parts of the country, kimjang ingredients, and kimchi-featured recipes for everyone in attendance.

Kimchi-making (Nov. 2-4, 14:00-17:00)
Six thousand residents are anticipated to gather for three days at Seoul Plaza to prepare 165 tons of salted cabbage. All kimchi will be delivered to neighbors in need before the approaching of the cold winter. Everyone visiting the festival at Seoul Plaza can participate in the hands-on kimchi-making zone.

Seoul Kimjanggan (Nov. 2-4, 11:00-18:00)
The large air dome, Seoul Kimjanggan, set for installation at Seoul Plaza, will be an area for hands-on kimchi programs, which had received positive response the previous year. This year’s Kimjanggan program will be divided into Seoul Kimjanggan 1, featuring improved demonstrations and exhibits, and Seoul Kimjanggan 2, offering lectures and experiential programming.

Seoul Kimjanggan 1 will be featuring 100 Kimchi Varieties, Kimchi Museum & Kimjanggan of Masters where Korea’s kimchi masters and experts will recreate ancient pickled vegetables that kimchi originated from, kimchi of the Joseon Kingdom, and whole cabbage kimchi from present-day Jeolla-do, and Gyeongsang-do provinces, as well as and Joseon Kingdom’s Hamgyong-do Province, and the traditional recipe from Pyongyang.

Seoul Kimjanggan 2 will offer more experiential programming for visitors of all ages to enjoy, from the Kimchi Chef Contest, where people select the best kimchi chef, the Kimjanggan of Chefs, where participants learn kimchi recipes from professional chefs, to the Kimjanggan of Foreigner that teaches foreigners the history and culture of kimchi, together with hands-on kimchi-making.

Kimchi Sangsang Playground and Production Performance (Nov. 2-4, 11:00-18:00)
There will be various activities and performances for children and their families to experience the culture of kimchi, where visitors experience the process of kimchi-making and familiarize themselves with kimchi through activities at the Kimchi Sangsang Playground.

There will also be performances on the topic of kimchi with kimchi fairies telling stories of kimchi while providing children the opportunity to partake in activities, such as making kimchi models and the participatory performance of Mixing Festival, where a shrimp pianist, dancing garlic, and other vegetables, gather for a merrily dance with children.

Kimchi Sikdorak, Kimchi Street (Nov. 3-4, 11:00-18:00)
Mugyo-ro will transform into Kimchi Street for two days on November 3 and4, where the Paldo Kimchi Market will open for visitors to purchase ingredients and special kimchi from different regions at lower prices than other markets, along with the Kimchi Fusion Food Trucks that also provide unique fusion cuisine using kimchi.

For more information about the programs and scheduling of the Seoul Kimchi Festival, please visit the official website (www.seoulkimchifestival.com), or inquiry directly to the Seoul Kimchi Festival Operation Secretariat (82-2-337-9897).

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Seoul Kimchi Festival Event Photos

Seoul Kimchi Festival Event Photos
Seoul Kimchi Festival Event Photos Seoul Kimchi Festival Event Photos
Seoul Kimchi Festival Event Photos Seoul Kimchi Festival Event Photos
Seoul Kimchi Festival Event Photos Seoul Kimchi Festival Event Photos