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2017 Seoul International Fireworks Festival

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2017 Seoul International Fireworks Festival

2017 Seoul International Fireworks Festiva2

More than a million visitors enjoy this popular festival 
of South Korea each year
Each year, more than a million visitors enjoy the Seoul International Fireworks Festival.
In 2016, the festival attracted the largest number of visitors, 1.2 million people.

2017 Seoul International Fireworks Festiva4
This year, the U.S., Italy, and South Korea will work together and embroider
the autumn sky by setting off about 100,000 fireworks.

Enjoy the festival with your family, lover, or friends
During the day, citizens can enjoy a variety of shows and events
in Yeouido Park and other venues before the fireworks go off.
This year, the festival offers a much wider range of events and
contents so that citizens can enjoy it in various ways.

▶ Website

-Visit the website and get information on the festival: www.hanwhafireworks.com

– In addition to the scheduled events and contents, the website offers various
information such as transportation, control information, hidden tourist attractions,
and what to bring with you to enjoy the festival. (to be opened in September 2017)
※ Inquiry – Hanhwa•Seoul International Fireworks Festival Bureau 2017siff@gmail.com