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SEOUL Challengers – Landmark/Festival


Fun Seoul! Delicious Seoul! Inspiring Seoul!

Take the challenge and become the winner!
Here are some of the challenges taken by the Season 1 Foreign Challengers
involving food, festivals, culture and city administration.

Seoul Challengers’ new challenge will be revealed every week.


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Hello, we are Jasper’s family.
I am Korean, and my wife is American.

Q1. Why did you decide to come to Seoul?
I first came to Korea to teach English.
So that’s why I came and then I met my husband then we got married
and I’ve been living here longer than I ever thought that I would.

Q2. What’s your impression of Seoul?
Honestly I didn’t know very much about Seoul before I decided to come here.
but after I left and came back, because Korea developed so quickly I did notice
I’ve had so many memorable experiences in Seoul.
But I would say, my husband and I, our favorite things are going to the Cheonggyecheon stream when there’s the lantern festival, we do that every year.

Q3. Please tell us how you feel about participating in the Seoul challengers.
I am really excited to tour Seoul with Seoul challengers especially because we are leaving the country soon
and we want a chance to see some of the best places in the city for the last time to make some really lasting memories.
So I am really excited and I can’t wait.

Hello, we are Jasper’s family.
Today, we are going to challenge Seoul sky and aquarium.

Wow, here we go!
Thank you. Have a great time.
Here we go!
Look, statue of liberty!
What do you see up here? So many colors.
Here we go.
So cool. Look at the picture.
What’s this called?

The elevator ride to the top, you go to 500m in under a minute. So it’s super-fast.
And it’s amazing when the doors opened and you see the view. And then walking out onto the sky deck, at first you are really nervous, but then it’s just amazing.
Oh my gosh! Jasper, look at this. It’s like you are walking in the sky.
Do you see the green park with the bumps?
Oh my god.
So much higher.
We have to go back down now.

It’s a shark. Look at this.
Grandfather shark?
Is that a turtle?
Yes it is a turtle.
It’s swimming.
Oh this is a tiger cat fish.
Camilla, look at this.
Wow look at this one up here.

And you can walk through a tunnel surrounded by water, so you felt like you were in the water with the fish.
See lions Scarlett, over here.
Oh my gosh baby, this is called a spider crab.
He’s like ‘hi Jasper’.
Mommy, look at that.
Here comes Jasper. He is coming for you!
Oh my goodness, so pretty.
There he is, right behind you.
Bye, bye.
Bye~ See you later.

Today we visited the Seoul Sky and the view was amazing.
You can see 360 degrees, a complete view of Seoul, the buildings and the landscape. It was amazing.
The Lotte aquarium was really cool and really great for kids
I think our favorite was the Beluga whales.
and right close to you.
It was amazing. It was really really fun and great for kids.

Hello, we are Jasper’s family.
I am Korean, and my wife is American.
Mommy, that’s the water.
I see.
Today, our family came here to challenge Seoul Children’s Museum.
look at that.
Mommy, I wanna do it.
Okay, push the button, what does it do?
Yeah, buddy, you are making a good hop.
Jasper, you are flying.
Scarlett, look at mommy, Kimchi~
I would say America has a lot of places to take kids.
Maybe not as big and as numerous, like there’s so many different places in Seoul that you can take kids.
Oh my goodness.
What’s inside? Jasper, what’s in here?
Now take them back, put them over here.
Mommy, what’s in here?
All done.
The highlight of this place for my kids was the water area.
They love playing in the water and splashing and then playing with balls.
What do you want to wear Jasper?
So handsome, look at you in the mirror.
Scarlett, look at daddy.
Wow Jasper, you look cool!
He’s so handsome.
Where’s Jasper?
Do you want to try this, Jasper?
Handsome, buddy!
Lately, they’ve been just trapped inside with me because I just had a baby and it’s just been a hot summer.
But it’s just, it makes me really happy to see them having fun
and just a variety of activities just to have freedoms. I love it.
So I thing that was their favorite, so made it mine.

Alright guys, let’s go in here.
Jasper, can you push the button? Oh, there we go!
Let’s get one of these. This English one. Do you know what this is?
It’s a map. This is English. This is Korean. Which one do you want?
…with the map…
Where is it? Daddy will show you. At the water!
Umm…here it is!

Hello. We are Jasper’s family.
Today, we are going to challenge walking down Seoullo.

Say Kimchi!
Guys, come on!
It’s the biggest, most beautiful rose garden. Smell it!
It’s a rose. Can you smell? Jasper, do you want to smell it?
It smells really yummy.
It smells really good.
Train is coming! Where’s the train? Come on, train!

Buddy, where’s the jumping thing?
Scarlett, take your shoes off.
You guys are jumping? You’re jumping in the middle of the city!
Jasper, Michael Jackson!
I really like the jumping part for my kids.
They really like to jump.
Like, in the middle of the city!

Hi, honey!
Jasper, wait up!
I’m walking in….oh…you found it?
Whoa, it’s cars!
Do you see the cars down there?
Look over here!
Scarlett, do you see water?

I’ve lived in this area before and this is a brand new park,
so it’s cool to see where there used to be a road.
Now, it’s a place where you can walk and enjoy nature and the view, it’s really cool.
The different flowers and trees you can look at.
And obviously the view is really cool.

Hello. We are Jasper’s family.
Today, we’re going to challenge riding the Han River Cruise!

Alright, let’s go! Let’s get on the boat, buddy!
Is it over here? I think it’s on the other side!
Where’s the boat?
It’s this way! Scar-scar, come here!
Whoa…Let’s go sit in those chairs over there, Scar!
Alright, let’s go!
Guys, what do you guys see?
We can stand out there later.
We can also go outside, buddy!
There’s Namsan, too!
We’re going!
We’re going slow!
Now we’re moving!

Do you want to go see some birds upstairs?
Jasper, let’s go up!
Jasper, look!
Jasper, hold it up like this!
Come here~
Wow, he got it!
You wanna try it? Ok, look. Mommy is going to do it.
Oh, I’m scared!

Today was the first time that I’ve been on the cruise where I fed the birds.
And it was kind of scary at first, but it was really fun.
Is he coming, bud?
See buddy, look how..
Ahhh! He got it from me!

Hey, what do you see? The water?
I threw it! You did!
Scarlet, what does the fish say?
Jasper, look at the subway!

So, my family is leaving Korea soon,
and we really wanted to enjoy this day with my mother-in-law
and I’m really glad that she could spend today with us.
And just enjoy the city and enjoy the weather.
And just create beautiful memories before we leave her for a while.

Do you see the birds, scar?
Jasper, do you see our shadow?

This is one of my favorite ways to see the city and
there are so many beautiful things.
The landscape, the trees, the flowers, the bridges.

This is my favorite way to see Seoul, on the river.
It’s so beautiful.
so I’m glad she could come.

Hello. We are Jasper’s family.
Today we are going to challenge
Hanwha Seoul International Fireworks Festival!
Look, look, look!
It’s like bugs or something. They are flying!
Wonderful ~
I know, I see, honey!

It’s a beautiful night, the weather is perfect!
There are so many people in this packed area,
but it feels really exciting just to be here with everybody.

Oh, those are cool.
Jasper, which ones do you like?
I like the blue ones!
Green and blue, green and blue!
Boom, boom, green and blue, buddy, green and blue!
Oh my gosh!
Do you see those smiley faces?
It’s so cool~
I know.
Oh, it’s so beautiful!
Blue, blue, blue, blue!
Catch it, catch it, catch it, boom, boom, boom, boom!
I love you.
Look at this fireworks!
I know, look at it! Ah, baby…

It’s so exciting because of the fireworks.
To see my kids experience the lights and the fireworks.
So it feels like a really magical evening.

Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
Of all the things that we’ve done on this challenge,
I really enjoyed the Lotte Seoul Sky,
because I watched it being built for 5 years
and it was fun to actually be in there,
and be so high up. .

But I would also say that this evening is really, really memorable.
because we are leaving Seoul,
I think has it more memorable for me.
And has just reminded me that Seoul is a really special city.
Just full of things to do and places to make memories,

Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
I just feel honored that we were able to do this and
to have fun experiencing things through my kids’ eyes.
Anyone who is looking for something fun to do in Seoul
can do these Seoul challenges.

The next Seoul Challengers is you!

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