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SEOUL Challengers – Fashion/Beauty


Fun Seoul! Delicious Seoul! Inspiring Seoul!

Take the challenge and become the winner!
Here are some of the challenges taken by the Season 1 Foreign Challengers
involving food, festivals, culture and city administration.

Seoul Challengers’ new challenge will be revealed every week.


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Hello, I am Ulrike and I am from Germany.
I’m really excited to become invited today.

Q1. Why did you decide to come to Seoul?
So I came here because I really love Korea and I wanted to learn to language.
And I am also really interested in the Korean culture, beauty and fashions so I came here.

Q2. What’s your impression of Seoul?
I think the charm of Seoul is that it is really beautiful,
When I walk down streets in Seoul, everybody just looks perfect.
They look so beautiful everything till the details.
It’s so stylish and it’s really mind blowing.
And I want to learn how they can achieve that.

Q3. Please tell us how you feel about participating in the Seoul challengers.
I am really excited to be part of the Seoul challengers because I am really a fan of Korean beauty and make up so it’s really exciting that I can participate.

Let’s go Seoul Challengers!

Hello, I am Ulrike and I am from Germany.
And today, I will challenge K-POP style make up.

So we will try K-POP style make up today.
Would you like to try BLACKPINK make up?
Yes, I know BLACKPINK. It’s one of my favorite girl groups.
Oh really? That’s great. We will try the trendy pink glam style.
Let’s have a look at some pictures.

So this is the look that we will try today. It’s adorable and cute with some glitters.
You will wear your hair in two braids. I think it will look great with your outfit today.

Wow, you are so pretty.
Thank you.
You really look like a celebrity right now.
I really like it.
Which part do you like the most?
I really like the pink and the glitter here. So cool.

So this was the K-POP style make up.
So cool. Thank you so much.
Please come back again.
Thank you.

It was great to introduce such a nice program to many foreigners.
I wish we can continue to do interesting campaigns with Seoul in the future as well. Thank you.

So today was a really great experience. I think it looks awesome.
I’ve never had this kind of make up, so I am really excited to have it. And I really feel like I am a K-POP star right now.
So I really recommend you guys also to try this. This whole experience is just great. So, give it a try.

Hello, I am Ulrike and I am from Germany.
And today, I will challenge fashion designer clothes.
Hello. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
This has cute printing in black and pink.
This skirt has embroidery of our signature character.
So cute and so colorful.
If you touch this, it’s really soft.
I think it will be great to wear it inside like this.
Yeah, yes I think it will look really good.
There’s a cape like this.
You will wear it inside like this.
It’s really amazing. So pretty.
Urike has thin body type with long legs,
and she is pretty as well. So I think she will look good in all clothes,
but we will the ones that I am confident with.
Our brand aims for high-end fashion
and we are using the full name of Seoul for the reconsideration of perception on Seoul’s culture.
This character is ‘Devil rabbit’, it’s something that is strong and lovely at the same time.
We do many things like this, so many people say that we are unique.
We mainly focus on the materials, so it’s like scribbling on high quality paper.
For example, we will be using splendid, but still restrained colors on this type of silk for a lot of designs.
What do you like?
I think…
Yeah, this one. Maybe?
How was the look book photo shoot with the clothes that I’ve specially prepared?
It was really fun and a great experience.
I always wanted to have like a photo shoot like every girl I think, just one time.
You do very great job.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Hello, I am Ulrike and I am from Germany.
and today, I will challenge Seoul Shopping Mall

This shopping mall is so nice. When I walk by, every clothes is so beautiful that I just want to wear it.
Of course, there’s also shopping mall in Germany and I think they are pretty similar.
The only difference is style because German people have different style than Korean people.
But I actually prefer the Korean style.
So every time I go into a Korean shopping mall, then I’m like I’m baffled by all these beautiful clothing,

I think I like cute clothes and also over-size clothes, because they are just so comfy.
If you wear tight clothes you cannot move or something.
And I also like other styles like cool style, black and just like gangster or something.
So it was a really great experience and I had a lot of fun.

Hello, I am Ulrike and I am from Germany.
Today, I will challenge wedding make up.

So I arrived here in Gangnam and it’s really trendy,
and it’s especially famous for wedding make up.
So I am really excited to become invited today.

You will be getting wedding make up today.
How do you feel?
It’s always a dream of every little girl to see how they look like as a bride.
So it makes me more excited.
Shall we start?

We will start on the wedding make up.
It’s all done.
Thank you.

You have very small face.
I will try to make your face shape look more beautiful.

Have you ever done your hair like haircut, coloring or treatment in Korea before?
In Korea… Yes, I did haircut once.
Is it different to Germany?
Yes, the style is very different.
When I go to German hair cutter, and then I say that I want my fringe shortened,
and then they do it in such a weird way that I don’t like.
And it’s so short.
Oh, really?
Yes, every time!
But here in Korea, I just say I want my fringe cut and they just do it how I want it to be.
So you mean Korean hair dresser is better than German.
So cool.

So it was the Korean wedding up-style hair and make up.
How do you feel?
I think it is so beautiful.
I never expected I can look so beautiful.
And it’s amazing. It’s like dreams come true.
Thank you so much.
You’re welcome. You are so beautiful!

Hello, I am Ulrike and I am from Germany.
And today, I will challenge wedding dresses and
I will also challenge dresses for the award ceremony.

Hello. Hello.
Please tell me if you find something you want to try.
This one? Do you like voluminous dress?
I see.
Try this one and
Would you like to try this slim one as well??
Because it could be different if you actually wear it.
This one has sleeves,
and this one is shining.
This is really pretty.
Do you want to try this one?
Wow, like a real bride. So pretty.
You look more like princess with voluminous dress.
These shining beads look great on you as well.
I really like this. Like Cinderella?
Oh, this is so elegant.
Actually I think I like this better than the other one.
Even though I wanted to have a Cinderella dress,
this is kind of more elegant.
This is more comfortable. It’s free.

And what are these dresses?
Oh, those dresses are what celebrities wear.
Please come here.
So cool.
IU wore this dress before.
Yes. Do you like pink?
Yeah, I really like pink.
KARA wore this dress as well.
KARA, too?
Oh my God, I can’t believe both of them wore this.

I think I prefer the pink one that IU wore.
Because it was so pretty and short.
You can dance in it, and it’s just blow in the wind.
It was perfect. I really liked it.
You became IU today because you are wearing that dress.
It’s so different.
More like grown up I think than the pink one.
Because the pink one was younger feeling,
and this is more like grown up.

We challenged on dresses through Seoul Challengers,
and how do you feel?
I really liked it. It’s such a special experience
because I’ve never been in this kind of store.
So it’s really amazing to try all these beautiful dresses
because you only wear those dresses in special events, right?
And now I had opportunity to wear them.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
I think you can really call them challenges
because for example, the photo shoot, that wasn’t easy at all.
But overall, I really liked it. It was a great experience
and really something completely new.
I am so happy that I could wear these high-end fashion clothes.
It was so cool.

Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
I would really want to visit Korea again.
Because I really like it here.
Especially Seoul, Seoul is one of my favorite big cities.
I really love it here, just like everything,
the atmosphere, culture, foods…
and especially or actually, I also want to live here
because I like here so much.

The next Seoul Challengers is you!

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