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SEOUL Challengers – Culture


Fun Seoul! Delicious Seoul! Inspiring Seoul!

Take the challenge and become the winner!
Here are some of the challenges taken by the Season 1 Foreign Challengers
involving food, festivals, culture and city administration.

Seoul Challengers’ new challenge will be revealed every week.


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Hello, I am Collin from America.

Q1. Why did you decide to come to Seoul?
Because my father studied Korean martial,
I wanted to come to Seoul to kind of just be in the similar atmosphere from what I thought I knew as a child

Q2. What’s your impression of Seoul?
Well I could only go off with the images I saw online to know what Seoul look like
But when I arrived I kind of had the same feeling but you know when you see things in person it’s a lot different.
So I think the one thing that kind of changed for me was the roads
and at night times it’s also very beautiful in person, so I think it’s really good.

Q3. Please tell us how you feel about participating in the Seoul challengers.
Well I’ve had a lot of interest in Seoul culture and I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to do a lot of the special things that make Seoul the great place that it is,
so I am really excited to be able to take part of this challengers, so I can’t wait.

Go Seoul Challengers!

Hello, I am Collin from America.
Hi I came to challenge myself to learn a K-POP dance.
And I’m really excited for this one because I enjoy dancing so much.
So I can’t wait to learn this dance and I’m so excited.
Enjoy me watching doing this and that, and this.

Today, we will learn KARD’s choreography for Hola Hola.
Can you dance a little?
I think so. Maybe?
I usually dance in my house one hour every day.
I make my own dances whenever I have time.
So usually I dance during the week, on the weekends, in my sleep, and all times.

Usually tall people cannot go down as much when they are dancing, and they don’t usually have ability to express the groove smoothly.
But he was doing great job on those.
So I was really surprised.
Can you do this with music?
Oh, that’s fast.
You’ve got it! Good!

We can go to the next level.
Can you do it?
It is easy.
It’s nearly done.
Thank you. Thank you.
Like ‘dang, she’s hot~’? Okay. Oh, Sorry.
We can do this.
I think Collin learns dance really fast because we finished this nearly in half an hour.

Wow you did great!
Well, I know that Ji Seon is the choreographer for KARD who are the ambassadors of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
So to be able to learn from her, I thought really that I could do this kind of thing daily.
Because I do this kind of thing. I love dancing, so dancing, performing. It’s favorite kind of thing to do. Hopefully I have good opportunity in the future.

Hello, I am Collin from America.
I came here to do a Makgeolli challenge by making Makgeolli by myself.
I like Makgeolli so I hope this is a really good experience for me.
We will be brewing rice wine, and we will be making Takju(raw rice wine), the basic one.
I will introduce the ingredients.
You need rice, water and leaven.
You cannot just put this in, right?
So I broke this in to fine grains.
This is made out of roughly brayed wheat, and it has all yeasts and enzymes you need to brew alcohol.
The rice was steamed and it is called ‘Godoo Bap’
You can try.
Did you wash your hands cleanly?
We are breaking the rice into individual grains with our hands for the leaven to absorb thoroughly.
Now we will pour the leaven. We will mix them together.
Press hard for the leaven to absorb into each grain.
I think you are treating it like a baby. Press it firmly like this.
This will make the rice wine thicker.
The water will be gone at some point because the rice will absorb all the water.
The color is changing.
Of course the color will change because we kept on rubbing it.
Now we will pour this into the container.
Oh my goodness.
You can try.
Thank you.
Oh wow, there’s like no water in here though.
Just like this?
Yes, you are really good.
Thank you.
I will be careful.
There’s so much rice.
When you are done, just cover the container so nothing goes in there.
You need few more process until you can drink the rice wine.
The rice wine will be ready after 7 to 10 days.
So I got the rice wine from 7 days ago ready.
We will use filter like this.
Makgeolli! It’s the real deal!
It was probably the best Makgeolli I’ve ever tasted in my life.
I’ve had a lot since I’ve been here, but I think making something in person is a lot better than buying it from the store.
So I was really happy that it was really delicious.
This one is a lot stronger than the ones available in the market.
So delicious!
Does this make you dance?
A rice wine that makes you to dance?
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance…
And there’s the device called ‘Juk bu in’ and basically it’s like a bamboo pillow but not really a pillow.
But I slept with that and it was so comfortable, so I slept really well.
But it was a really nice experience.

Hello. I’m Collin from the United States.
I came to do the Screen Challenge today,
so I hope to have a lot of fun. And hopefully I do really well.
So hopefully, you guys can check me out.
Thank you.

I can do this. I can do this.
I’m so weak. I didn’t know I was this bad at sports.

The archery game and the shooting game were the most fun for me.
And I think the hardest games have been the soccer game and the baseball. I think the baseball game was the most hardest though.
Also, shamed because I also played baseball in the past.
So if my friend ever watched this, he’d be like “Colin, we played on the same team. And you suck now!”.
I’ll just sit here like, “I know, man. I know”.

Whoa~ NO~ Don’t grab me~

I’m so disappointed with myself. I have no words.
I’m sorry, America, for not being able to do well.

Oh, it’s basketball!
It’s been awhile since I played basketball.
Seriously? This is my worst sport.
What should I do? Should I cry a little bit more?
I know that I’m going to do well.

I remember doing archery about 5 years ago.
But it’s been a very long time.
But this is like my favorite sport.
Wow! I should’ve known it would have been in the background. So funny.
Well, that was better..oh, no it wasn’t. I only got 18 points.

Oh! I know what this is! Never mind!
How do you hold a gun?
I don’t even know who I’m shooting right now.
Oh, come on, man.
Game over. I’m dead.
18,980 points!

Today’s challenges were really fun. I really enjoyed them.
And I heard that this place was kind of popular here in Seoul and Korea. So I wanted to give it a try for the first time, and I enjoyed it.

Hello. I’m Collin from the United States.
Hi guys,
Today, I am coming here to watch the 2017 Global Village Festival.
I’m really excited and can’t wait to check it out,
So, hope you guys enjoy it as much as I will.
Thank you.

Oh wow!
Korean martial arts
My dad did Korean martial arts when I was younger,
so because of him, I’m here now.
So it’s kind of nice to see it.

So, the Itaewon Global Village Festival is an annual festival held in Itaewon,
and nowadays, the ratio for foreigners are increasing in Itaewon,
so the good thing is that you can see various cultures and see people from various countries in that area,
and nowadays, there are a lot more restaurants opening up with various different kinds of foods,
and there are a lot cafes and a lot of pubs and places where you can hang out at night, and enjoy the time and atmosphere.
It’d be nice, but I love this festival, it’s really nice.

Oh, there are American soldiers.
“And the saints come marching in…”
“..be in that number, oh when the saints go marching in…”
They teach you this song back in grammar school.

Well, today, there are so many people from other countries and
I see a lot of different delicious foods from other countries,
so I’m really excited,
but I see an American flag and I think there is a burger calling my name.
So I’m just going to go ahead and eat the burger instead.

Hi, can I have the egg and avocado toast?
Oh my gosh!
Pepper, avocado, egg.
Thank you!

In America, people usually eat this, maybe for breakfast.
If they want to eat light, usually some people in America are really concerned about their health nowadays,
Oh, this is actually good!
Avocadoes make me happy!

It’s a really special thing here in Itaewon, because a lot of Koreans come to the area to kind of experience some different things, different cultures, different foods,
so if you have a chance to visit Seoul, please come by Itaewon.

Hello. I’m Collin from the United States.
Today, I came to look at street culture in Hongdae,
as well as go to a noraebang.
So I hope you guys can enjoy my singing.
Seoul Challenge is go!

Wow! How did I get that score??
So I just really enjoy myself doing that, and with noraebang,
But it’s 10:30pm in Seoul right now
and people are outside.
There are a lot of people actually.
And people are enjoying themselves and
it’s really nice because you don’t have to worry about anything.
It’s so safe here.
And I love that so much,
so that’s why I stay up a lot longer than I would back at home.

Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
So my favorite one out of the 5 Seoul challenges that I did
was the dancing challenge.
I love dancing so much,
so just being able to learn some choreography from the person who actually made it
was really enjoyable for me and it was such a great honor for me to partake in that challenge.
So it was really nice.
I didn’t know how to make makgeolli,
so I’m really excited because I personally like makgeolli so I was really happy to make it.
With sports, I learned that I can’t really play sports at all.
I’m really bad.
So I’m going to challenge myself more to work hard and learn sports.

Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
So I really enjoyed doing these challenges,
as it made me learn something new.
This was such a great experience, and like myself,
you can also participate in these Seoul Challenges.

The next Seoul Challengers is you!

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