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SEOUL Challengers – City’s Policies


Fun Seoul! Delicious Seoul! Inspiring Seoul!

Take the challenge and become the winner!
Here are some of the challenges taken by the Season 1 Foreign Challengers
involving food, festivals, culture and city administration.

Seoul Challengers’ new challenge will be revealed every week.


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Hello, I am Yui from Japan.
Let’s go!

Q1. Why did you decide to come to Seoul?
I came to Seoul to attend graduate school.

Q2. What’s your impression of Seoul?
Before I came to Seoul, I wasn’t expecting to see a lot of signs written in foreign languages. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see signs written in Japanese and to also come across friendly Koreans who were eager to point us in the right direction. Seoul is a great place for foreigners to get around and live in.

Q3. Please tell us how you feel about participating in the Seoul challengers.
I am excited to participate in Seoul Challenge. I look forward to experiencing vaious policies conducted by Seoul Metropolitan Government.


Hello, everyone. I’m Yui from Japan.
Today, I came to DDP to enjoy the Bamdokkaebi Night Market.
From now, I’ll eat delicious dishes, see many things, and enjoy the night market. Let’s go!

Wow, it’s amazing.
Umm, I really love plants.
Wow, so pretty.
Oh, this one.
Well, thank you.
Oh, I can smell many different things.
It looks delicious.
Is it delicious?
It’s delicious. (Staff answering in Japanese)
Oh! I love shaved ice.
Can I have one snow flower shaved ice with fruit? I’ll have a mango topping.
Mango? Please make a bowl of shaved ice with mango.
Wow! Look at this, look at this.
It’s a lot of shaved ice.
It costs about 600 yen. It’s pretty cheap.

There were a lot of food trucks and many interesting stalls selling accessories and other adorable items. I really enjoyed the night market.
Oh! Steak, steak.
I’ll have spoon tortilla steak.
Would you like to order one tortilla steak?
It comes to 8,000 won.
In Japan, a night market is held during a special event such as fireworks. In Seoul, the night market is held on weekends in many different places. It’s a really good place to come and visit to enjoy with your friends.
I’ll sit here and eat it.
Yum! Great!
Everyone, you can find a lot of things to eat and a lot of things to see at the Bamdokkaebi Night Market. You should come and visit here.

Hello, everyone. I’m Yui from Japan.
Today, I’m going to ride a Seoul Public Bike called 「Ttareungyi」.
Let’s do it! Let’s go!
These bicycles provided by the Seoul Metropolitan Government are called「Ttareungyi」and they can be found all around Seoul. I’ll go over there by this bike.
Download the application 「Ttareungyi」 on your smartphone and press here. Touch this button, select Japanese, and press “Voucher Purchase.“
Press OK, enter your credit card number here, and press “Make Payment.” That’s it.
Now I’ve got my payment number. You should enter this number on the bike.
Press this button first and this button above here. You need to enter the payment number here, 6341 and 2365. Then, it unlocks.
If you can’t find an available bike at a certain rental location, you can find other nearby rental locations on the map. All you need to do is search for other rental locations using the application. It’s very useful.
It’s my first time riding a bike in Seoul.
Feels so good!
It’s very cheap and I can rent a bike anytime. I think I’m going to use these bikes often.
There is a rental location over there where I can return the bike!
You can return the bike anywhere in Seoul. It’s very convenient.
I’m from the countryside in a small town in Japan, so Ttareungyi was so amazing for me. I think it is a very useful system.

Hello, everyone. I’m Yui from Japan.
Today, we are going to visit the Oil Tank Culture Park.
Seoul Challengers, let’s go!

Wow! The first floor is a pretty café!
Now let’s go upstairs.
These are pictures of people at the Oil Tank Culture Park.
Some of them have pictures drawn in if you look carefully.
Look! It looks like a museum!
This place used to be an oil tank before.
The wall is preserved in its original form.
This is amazing!
This is the history of the petroleum base!
I wonder if this was used before.
I will put the hard hat on.
Like this?
It looks like you can hear something with these.
Aha! I think it’s explaining the place.
There’s so many interesting things here.

This place used to be an oil tank before.
I think it’s amazing that they opened it up to people as a culture park. Such an interesting space that is also decorated beautifully.

Hello. My name is Yui. I’m from Japan.
I’m on my way to the Dongdaemun History and Culture Park to meet up with a friend.
This is my first time taking the public transportation alone. Let’s do this!

Wow! This is interesting.
It seems that everything you need in a dangerous situation is gathered here.
I feel pretty safe here.

First, purchase a T-money card!
T-money Card Purchase
I’m going to buy a General Card.
Insert the money in the designated slot to receive your card.
Insert your money here
and wait until your card comes out.
place it here and click 5,000 won!
Insert the money and recharge.
Recharge is complete.
Yay! It’s done!
Take your T-money card.

I’m at Anguk Station now.
This is how I will get to the Dongdaemun History and Culture Park.
Depart from Anguk Station and Arrive at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park.
One transfer.
Fast transfer at platform 9-2.
Let’s go to platform 9-2.

I also felt safe as most stations had a screen door at platforms.
I would get off here.

The Japanese subway is so complicated that even Japanese people get lost in it.
The Seoul subway is clearly marked for foreigners and is convenient to use without getting lost.

Aha, this is Goodoc!
1, 2, 3
Wow! They’ve got band aids and everything.
I’m going to grab a vitamin.

Hello, everyone.
I’m Yui from Japan.
Today I am going to check out the Seoul Silver Grass Festival at Haneul Park.
Here comes the Seoul Challengers. Let’s go!
I’m taking the Toad Bus to get to the festival venue.
This is awesome! Let’s go!

At night, the lighting makes the place even more beautiful.
There’s a lot of people because of the festival.
The bus line was very long.
We’re here!
Haneul Park! Yay!
Should I pose like this?
One, two, three!
Silver grass!
Feels like fall!
Lots of couples!
The event is great for families, couples and everyone.
When you’re in Seoul, make sure to check out the Seoul Silver Grass Festival.

I’m going to drink some water.
This is the Hangang River.
Wow! Fantastic!
What’s that? I’m checking it out.

How are you doing?
There’s silver grass everywhere!
It looks like couples put up these locks
as a symbol of their unchanging love.
There’s another photo zone here.

The Seoul Silver Grass Festival is held in October each year.
I didn’t realize
it would be this large and beautiful.

Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
Among the five challenges,
I enjoyed the Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market the most.
There was so much tasty food.
I enjoy eating tremendously.

Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
Before I took part in the challenge, I was unaware of the fact that Seoul had so many interesting events and policies.
It was a pleasure to learn about the events and policies,
and I look forward to finding out more about them and experiencing more of Seoul.
Try out for the Seoul Challengers!

The next Seoul Challengers is you!

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