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Pureun Arboretum


Pureun Arboretum

Pureun Arboretum

Pureun Arboretum, which underwent construction in 2009 and was opened to the public in 2013, is Seoul’s first eco-friendly arboretum. Situated on a plot of land measuring 103,354㎡, the arboretum is equipped with 25 themed gardens, a forest education center, and a small library. The arboretum is currently conducting research on about 2,050 plants native to Korea as well as plants from all around the world, and holds a variety of exhibitions and classes. In addition to its more structured programs, the diverse fauna and flora of the arboretum, as well as its varying landscapes and ponds, act as the perfect setting for visitors to learn more about nature.

Background & Development

The construction of the Pureun Arboretum began as part of the Korea Forest Service’s “One Arboretum Per City” project, an initiative that sought to give the public increased opportunities to learn more about nature and prevent damage to the natural ecosystem in Limited Development Areas. Even in its early planning stages, the Pureun Arboretum was envisioned as a comprehensive arboretum focusing on collecting, proliferating, preserving, and managing plant resources, while also acting as a host for exhibitions and educational programs. The project became part of the “Making Seoul Greener” campaign, through which arboretums were built featuring “four season” themed gardens, a forest learning center with classes all year round, and a community center where citizens could connect with nature and each other.


The arboretum is not simply a beautiful collection of exotic plants; it is a center for the procurement and exhibition of plants and a place of higher education, both indoors and out. Plants are some of the most basic and often overlooked organisms in our ecosystem, without which we, and other animals, could not survive. Pureun Arboretum is an arboretum that exemplifies clean management and cultivation practices, allowing different ecosystems to thrive in the same area.

  • Area size : 103,354㎡
  • Location : 240 Yeondong-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul (Hang-dong 81-1)
  • Tel : 02-2686-3200



  • Location : Forest Learning Center, Vegetable Garden, Urban Garden, Gardening Area, Dampy Garden, Rock Garden, etc
  • Classes
    • Education Classes: approx. 10 classes, including “The Survival Strategy of Plants”
    • Seasonal Classes: approx. 20 classes, including “The Story of Native Plants”
    • Experience Classes: approx. 20 classes, including “Indoor Gardens”
    • Regular Classes: Plant Management, Organic Farming, Urban Farming, Horticultural Therapy
    • Urban Gardener Training Program (a series of about 15 classes)

3Information for Visitors

Information for Visitors

  • Hours : 05:00-22:00 / Open all year round
  • Notice
    • Please observe the following for the preservation of the arboretum.
    • Do not enter places other than flower gardens and areas open to visitors.
    • Do not take plants, seeds, soil, or stones from the arboretum.
    • Do not smoke or drink alcohol in the arboretum.
    • Loud noises and religious activities are not permitted within the arboretum.
  • Prohibited Items
    • Food and fruits, plant collecting tools, camera tripods, flammable items, toys and exercise equipment, picnic blankets, acoustic devices, and musical instruments, etc.

4Guide Map

Guide Map

  • 1. Grass Square
  • 2. Herb Garden
  • 3. Rock Garden
  • 4. French Garden
  • 5. Wild Fowers Garden
  • 6. Maze Garden
  • 7. Grass Garden
  • 8. English Garden
  • 9. Gardening Area
  • 10. Hibiscus Garden
  • 11. Water Pool
  • 12. Maple Garden
  • 13. Evergreen Garden
  • 14. Wood Land
  • 15. Edible Garden
  • 16. Urban Garden
  • 17. Dampy Garden
  • 18. Warter Garden
  • 19. Rose Garden
  • 20. Children Garden
  • 21. Streaming Garden
  • 22. Vegetable Garden
  • 23. KB Forest Learning Garden
  • 24. Meeting Place
  • 25. Dish Garden


Public Transportation

Public Transportation

  • Subway: Onsu Station (Exit 3) Subway Line 1 or Onsu Station (Exit 2) Subway Line 7→ Take Bus Guro 07 and get off at the Pureun Arboretum Rear Entrance
  • Bus: Take Bus 10, 52, 57, 57-1, 75, or 83 and get off at Sungkonghoe University → Transfer to Bus Guro 07 and get off at the Pureun Arboretum Rear Entrance or transfer to Bus 6614 and get off at the Pureun Arboretum Front Entrance
  • Car:
    • Seobu Expressway (towards Anyang) → Gyeongin-ro (towards Bucheon) → Take Gocheokgyo Gyocharo, head towards Bucheon for 4.6km → Turn left at Sungkonghoe University and drive straight for about 900m
    • Since parking is limited, visitors are recommended to take public transportation.