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Seoul has different types of parks. These include ecological parks designed with the preservation of certain rare types of flora and fauna in mind, and its small and medium-sized parks that provide an environmentally-friendly setting with diverse fun faclilities for the whole family.

Seoul forest

Program Learner Contents
Insect class All Program focused entirely on insects, including how to raise them at home.
I love insects Elementary students
(1-2 graders)
Understanding insects via the activity of making grasshopper or cricket with natural material
Nature quest in Seoul forest Elementary students
(3-4 graders)
A systematic and in-depth exploration of nature via the trees in Seoul forest
Young makers in forest workshop Elementary students
(1-3 graders)
Program aimed to enhance creativity, artistic sensibility and knowledge of wind power systems by making a pinwheel
Weekends family eco tour All Program helping all the family to deepen their understanding of the urban forest ecosystem.
small world seen through big eyes (wetland class) elementary students
(3 or higher graders)
Understanding the ecosystem via the observation of wetland plants, insects and microorganisms found in Seoul forest using a powerful magnifying glass.
Wetland eco tour Elementary students
(4-5 graders)
Program focused on the relationship between water and plants via the observation of aquatic plants, and combining indoor and outdoor learning activities
Saturday art class Elementary students
(4-5 graders)
Program aimed at promoting scientific and creative thinking on various issues including the environment, life and art.
A journey through environmental film All (above 6) Educational program focused on various environmental issues via movies
Green dream class 5-6 year olds (group) Program consisting of various learning activities such as painting and drawing animals and plants, observation of water beetles and aquatic plants, and film and animation works
Book flea market All Program aimed to promote the sharing of resources and recycling via the sale, exchange and donation of books.
Book flea market and eco-eco Elementary students
(3-4 graders)
Focused on ecological economics with the aim of enhancing interest in the issue of environmental friendliness in connection with the economy (inc. experience activity of bookmaking).
Woodland fairy tale 5-6 year olds (group) Exciting reading program for pre-school children involving the activities of reading, painting, drawing and paper folding
Fun forest 4-6 year olds (group) Program aimed at awakening or increasing young children’s awareness of the importance of life in nature and the ecosystem
After-school forest program Local elementary students Program opened to local kids only, held at the wetland in Seoul forest to help them learn more about the environment and ecology.
Happy together with nature People with disabilities (group) Program focused on the importance of living together and helping each other by learning from nature which is free from prejudice
Forest quest before noon Students and adults (group) Program focused on the importance of urban forests via a tour of the main attractions of Seoul forest.
Forest quest after noon Students and adults (group) Program focused on the importance of urban forests via a tour of the main attractions of Seoul forest.