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Seoul has different types of parks. These include ecological parks designed with the preservation of certain rare types of flora and fauna in mind, and its small and medium-sized parks that provide an environmentally-friendly setting with diverse fun faclilities for the whole family.

Seoul forest

Horse statues

Made as a part of the effort to commemorate the race course that was once located here, the horse statues in Seoul Forest Plaza depict the majestic figure of horses just about to bolt out of the starting gate.

Splash fountain

One of the most beloved attractions in Seoul Forest is the splash fountain. It is here that parents often find their children having some of the happiest moments of their life, letting out wild screams of joy and excitement. Not just children but parents become excited, too, as they jump into the fountain's water sprays to cool off or simply have some fun, running around the fountain with revived childhood innocence. The fountain consists of a total of 100 nozzles which shoot water in various heights and forms, soaring up to 5 meters into the air. The used water is then collected into a rainwater storage tank to be reused for the lawn of the Family Yard.

Ttukseom Family Yard

The Ttukseom Family Yard features a spacious lawn which serves a great picnic area. The yard is often transformed into an outdoor theater for various cultural events including concerts and movies.

Outdoor theater

The outdoor theater of Seoul Forest stages a great variety of performances every weekend. The performances and art programs presented here are carefully selected for a perfect harmony with the serene natural environment of the forest. Don't worry if you are not a classical music enthusiast, because you’ll definitely become one after attending a concert here.

Forest glade

Seoul Forest also features an exquisite glade shaded by silver birch trees soaring into the air. This attractive open area within a stretch of woodland is a fine venue for games, chatting, or a relaxing moment with a picnic box.

Children's woodland playground

A fine recreational arena set in a wooded area of Seoul Forest, this playground offers children an opportunity to indulge in a fantastic adventure. The recreational equipment and structures provided here, including a cave, swings, slides, and climbing frames, are all made of safe and eco-friendly materials including wood. Some of the equipment have been designed to stimulate children to develop their own creative fun activities.

Water playground

This playground offers real fun for all the families with stepping stones crossing a stream, boating, creative sand and water play areas, and many other water-related activities.

Waterside cafeteria

The waterside cafeteria is located at a place offering some of the most scenic views one can find in Seoul Forest. A lunch on the cafeteria's outdoor terrace with an open view of the spacious lawn, exquisite water fountain and pond will be a real treat for anyone.

Forest path

This comfortably narrow path flanked by tall trees will lure you into a pleasant, leisurely walk through a dense wood. The cool shade pierced by the sunrays shining through green leaves makes it a great summer retreat, while in fall the glorious yellow ginkgo leaves create a blissfully romantic atmosphere. There are benches for those who like to sit and ponder the beauty of nature.

Philosopher's Path (Metasequoia Path)

As the name suggests, this road shaded by Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia) trees creates a perfect environment for those seeking after a quiet rest, a spot of reading, or pure contemplation. One can easily find a bench to sit on and lose oneself in contemplation.

Children's library

Housed on the first floor of the Management Office Building, the Children's library offers children a great opportunity to learn more about nature and the ecosystem. The library's collection includes books on topics that are attractive to children - and their parents - who are interested in the environment, ecology and related issues, as well as books for general reading for parents accompanying their child. If there is no vacant seat in the reading room, or if you just want to read outside the library building, you can do so by borrowing the book of your choice. Seoul Forest has ample seats for your reading.

Book cart

Book cart (Chaeksure in Korean) is the name of book lending service offered by the Forest Library. Borrowing a book is simple. All you need to do is to choose your book from the library shelves, enter basic information about you and the book in the book register, and go out with the book to the best seat you can find in Seoul Forest. Don't forget, of course, to return it before you leave the park.

Disabled-friendly playground

The disabled-friendly playground is not an ordinary playground but one that will excite your imagination in a way you’ve never experienced before. The hub of all the activities held in this fantastic recreational area is a huge image of a giant trying to stand up as if it has just arrived from the land of giants in a fairy tale. The huge statue made with steel wires is there to deliver a message of love, hope and courage to people with disabilities. You can pass through a cave in a wheelchair or climb up the body of the giant through a wheelchair-accessible passage outside it. You can even travel around inside his body using a series of ladders. A giant snake covered with multi-colored skin forms the wall of the playground while offering a device for a "telephone game".

Mirror Lake

A body of water 3cm deep and 53 m long, the Mirror Lake in Seoul Forest takes its name from the clear image of Eungbongsan(Mt.) and the trees lining one side reflected upon its surface. Enjoy the remarkable experience of watching the reflections of yourself, your family or a bird quenching its thirst upon the dark, gently rippling surface of the lake. The lake captures the surrounding environment as it changes with the seasons in a more vivid and dramatic manner than any painting possibly could.

The Seoul Forest Visitor Center contains an exhibition hall

The Seoul Forest Visitor Center contains an exhibition hall that offers comprehensive information about the history of Ttukseom and Seoul Forest via video clips, publications and exhibitions. The center also makes wheelchairs and baby carriages available for people with disabilities and parents with young children, and maintains a baby care room that is always ready for use.