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Seoul has different types of parks. These include ecological parks designed with the preservation of certain rare types of flora and fauna in mind, and its small and medium-sized parks that provide an environmentally-friendly setting with diverse fun faclilities for the whole family.


Located to the west of the government complex building in Sejong-ro, downtown Seoul (and on the southeastern side of Inwangsan), Sajik Park was built around a stone altar called “Sajikdan (Historic Site No. 121)”. Along with Jongmyo(Royal Shrine), Sajikdan was erected by King Taejo of the Joseon Dynasty in 1395. It was built to worship the gods of the earth and harvest (“Sa” means the god of the earth and “jik” means the god of cereals). The 188,710m² park was opened in 1922. The park is home to such historical landmarks as Dangunseongjeon, the shrine of the legendary founding father of Korea, and Hwanghakjeong archery field. The park also features a children’s library and the statues of Shin Saimdang (1504 – 1551) – the epitome of a good wife and good mother (also a famous painter and calligraphist) – and her son I Yulgok (1536-1584). Jongno Public Library is also located nearby. A five minute walk along Inwangsan-gil beside the park will lead you to the entrance of Inwangsan(Mt.).