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Seoul has different types of parks. These include ecological parks designed with the preservation of certain rare types of flora and fauna in mind, and its small and medium-sized parks that provide an environmentally-friendly setting with diverse fun faclilities for the whole family.

Dream forest

Landscape Forest

Space Concept
Landscape Forest A
*Edge Park ? Creates a small pocket garden for the residents of the neighborhood.
*Creates an open street cultural space and tears down the existing fence (water wall) to create a small cultural exhibition and rest area
*Tears down parts of the badminton courts to establish a high-class workout area in the forest together with the restoration of the forest.
*Increases the diversity of species through small ecological initiatives, such as prohibiting mountain climbers.
*Improves the structure of the forest through improvement to the low vegetation.

Explanatory notes

1. Forest Rest Area-1
2. Badminton Court-1
3. Work Out Area-1
4. Badminton Court-2
5. Work Out Area-2
6. Work Out Area-3
7. Work Out Area-4
8. Badminton Court -3
9. Ssamji Rest Area
10. Forest Entrance Area
11. Street Rest Area-1
12. Street Rest Area-2
13. Forest Rest Area-2

Landscape Forest B
*Makes a safe forest by reducing the number of species with low ecological value, such as aspen, etc., and increasing the low vegetation.
* Uses the existing facilities, including badminton courts and sports facilities.
* Increase the diversity of species by prohibiting mountain climbers and installing control dams that utilize the existing water system.
* Improves the structure of the forest through the improvement of low vegetation.

Explanatory notes
1. Work Out Area -1
2. Forest Rest Area -1 Badminton Court-1
3. Work Out Area-2
4. Badminton Court-1
5. Badminton Court-2
6. Badminton Court-3
7. Work Out Area-2
8. Grass Rest Area
9. Children’s Playground

Space Composition

Work Out Area
- The Work Out Area causes the work out facilities to go out of date and damage the topography and forest.
- Change to a wooden deck and high-class workout facility.

Work Out Area Forest Rest Area
- Illegally crowded sports facilities / Damage to the topography and trees.
- Makes the forest a multilayered structure and establishes resting facilities and sports facilities.

Forest Rest Area Improvement in the badminton courts.
- Damage to the existing topography / Concrete buildings and an unsightly landscape.
- Wooden stand / Improvement in the landscape and usage with wooden trellises, etc.

 Improvement in the badminton courts