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Seoul has different types of parks. These include ecological parks designed with the preservation of certain rare types of flora and fauna in mind, and its small and medium-sized parks that provide an environmentally-friendly setting with diverse fun faclilities for the whole family.

Dream forest

Visitors Center

The Visitors Center, located at the main entrance of the park,oversees the management of the whole park as well as the convenience facilities (nursing room, wheelchair and stroller rental, etc.). Also,Design Seoul Gallery is operated to provide information about the park and introduce the vision of Seoul.

Chilpokji (Seven Waterfall Pond)

Chilpokji shows seven small and big water falls as water comes down the stream using the geographical features. It is an ecology pond that has various aquatic plants.

History Garden

The History Garden re-interprets the traditional landscape to provide spaces for reproducing and experiencing the lifestyle of our ancestors. You can enjoy the natural atmosphere which begins with the traditional ‘Changnyeongwigung Ancestral Shrine’ (registered cultural heritage No.40) and consists of ‘Daesupgil’ (Bamboo Forest Path), ‘Wolgwangdae’ (Moonlight Podium), ‘Aewoljeong’ (Moon Enchanted Pavilion), ‘Seokgyo’ (Stone Bridge), etc.

Wolyeongji (Moon Reflecting Pond)

‘Wolyeongji’, which is a large pond, located in the center of the park, allows you to feel the coolness of a big pond and the freshness of the Wolgwang Falls (Moonlight Falls) at the same time. Also, ‘Seokgyo’ (Stone Bridge), ‘Wolgwangdae’ (Moonlight Podium) ‘Aewoljeong’ (Moon Enchanted Pavilion), etc., located near the pond, create a Korean atmosphere.

Cheongundapwon (Lawn Plaza)

Cheongundapwon, located above Wolyeongji, is about twice the size of Seoul Plaza, which is a very big grass plaza that allows you to enjoy various cultural events with an art museum in the background.

Iris Garden

Iris Garden is a grass plaza that was created on a slope, where a small performance can be held in connection with Cheongundapwon (Lawn Plaza). You can enjoy a beautiful pond that features a small fountain and irises. It is a space that supports various cultural activities as the front yard of the Cultural Plaza and Dream Forest Arts Center. It consists of Sangsang Children’s Park, Jumping Fountain, Hope Forest and Bowl Plaza that holds various events by season.

Dream Forest Arts Center

The Dream Forest Arts Center, situated at the West Entrance of Dream Forest, consists of a Concert Hall, Dream Gallery, Restaurant, Cafe, etc. located on about 200,000 pyeong of natural land.


The Observatory is a romantic site where you can overlook Seoul. It is a three floor building of 49.7 meters that presents the panorama of Bukhansan (Mt.), Dobongsan (Mt.) and Suraksan (Mt.) and Hangang (River) in the South.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is a reproductive space of energy that took a driving range of the past and installed solar panels. In addition, the four seasons are displayed through the planting of various flowers and wild flowers and big trees such as birches.

Deer Garden

Deer Garden, located in the Botanical Garden, rears the deer in Seoul Forest to foster the emotional development of children. Come and see deer as they play.