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Seoul has different types of parks. These include ecological parks designed with the preservation of certain rare types of flora and fauna in mind, and its small and medium-sized parks that provide an environmentally-friendly setting with diverse fun faclilities for the whole family.


Central Lake

Since the Sinwol Purification Plant was a security facility that strictly prohibited citizens from entering, it was very rare for anyone to see the inside of the facility. In the middle of it, however, is an 18,000㎡ lake, which is difficult to find in downtown Seoul. The Seoseoul Lake Park conserved the lake as it was when the park was created, and only aquatic plants were planted in the neighboring areas to create the natural look it has today. A cultural plaza was established in one corner of the lake to allow citizens to comfortably enjoy the landscape of the lake.

Sound Fountain

Forty-one sound fountains are installed in the middle of the lake to sense airplane noises (above 81db) over the park and automatically spray out water. The environmental disadvantage was used as a theme. It is clever how the fountain made people wait for the sound of noisy airplanes.

Mondrian Garden

The Mondrian Garden is a park that harmonizes horizontal and vertical lines in a manner similar to the abstract Mondrian paintings. It consists of the Media Wall Fountain, which recycled the settling tank of the existing purification plant, the Aquatic Botanical Garden, the Garden of Heaven, the Ecological Waterway, etc. The Mondrian Garden is a beautiful garden with an environmentally-friendly system that uses a rainwater cycling system and a water quality purification system.

Event Table

The bright red Event Table can be seen from far away on the walking trail. It is a long table where one hundred people can eat together. You can bring a packed lunch from home to eat here.

Grassy Field

The Grassy Field is an open space behind the Event Table where you can sit on a bench or spread a mat in the shade. In the middle of the grass is a drain pipe, which was used in the purification plant, in remembrance of the old Sinwol Purification Plant.

Recycle Garden

The Recycle Garden near the walking trail is a garden with symbolic structures, including a water pipe 1m in diameter, which made the best use of the old Sinwol Purification Plant. It has various types of flame grasses growing around it.
In addition, the cube shaped ‘Children’s Playground’, the Water Playground, the Event Table, etc. provide various attractions. The Seoseoul Lake Park will become a representative park that can be conveniently used by citizens in the southwestern area where parks have long been absent because of lack of green spaces.