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Seoul has different types of parks. These include ecological parks designed with the preservation of certain rare types of flora and fauna in mind, and its small and medium-sized parks that provide an environmentally-friendly setting with diverse fun faclilities for the whole family.


History hall introduction
For the independence of the mother country, many patriots suffered ordeals of torture and finally death in Seodaemun Prison. Now, it is a visible historical site showing us patriotism. In order not to repeat our miserable history, we have to look upon ourselves in the past and learn from them. The Seodaemun district has restored the torture sites, execution ground, and watch tower as it was in the past. This is now the 'Seodaemun Prison History Hall'. Especially, Seodaemun Independence Park has been the sanctuary of our people, including Seodaemun Independence Park; Dongnimmun, which is the 32nd historical site; 33rd Plinths of Yeongeunmun (Gate) ; Dongnimgwan; Patriotic Martyrs Monument; and Declaration of Independence Monument. It would be best if historical sites could be educational for all the youths in other countries to learn about the unyielding patriotism that our forefathers have shown us. Inquiry : Seodaemun-gu Management Corporation( http://www.sscmc.or.kr )