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Seoul has different types of parks. These include ecological parks designed with the preservation of certain rare types of flora and fauna in mind, and its small and medium-sized parks that provide an environmentally-friendly setting with diverse fun faclilities for the whole family.


Dongnimmun (Independence Arch)(獨立門)

In February, 1895 (Gojong's 32nd Year), patriot Seo Jae-pil returned from America and established the Independence committee. In doing this he destroyed the symbol of flunky-ism, Yeongeun arch, and decided to build an Independence Arch of our own to proclaim our independence to China, Japan, Russia and the Western powers. Thus, the first fund raising program was held on July 7, 1896, throughout the country. The Independence Arch is the first Western style building and models itself on the Franch's Arc de Triomphe; it is 14.28m tall, 11.48m wide, and made of 1,850 of 45㎝×30㎝ sized granite stones.

There is an arch-shape gate in the middle. It is in a pattern of the Korean Imperial symbol (plum blossoms in a shield form). In the interior, on the left side, is a stone stairway leading to the roof. Also, at the top is 'Independence Arch' marked in Korean, on one side, and on the opposite there is '獨立門' written in Chinese characters. It was designed by Seo Jae-pil and a Swiss engineer working in the German legation drew up the specific plans. A Chosun person called Shim Eui-suk supervised the construction, and the job was carried out by Chinese laborers. The construction started from November 21, 1896, and after one year, it was finished on November 20, 1897; the total cost of construction was 3,265won (past currency). The Independence Arch was designated as historical relic no.32 on January 21, 1963. It was initially located 70m away from south east and was in the middle of the intersection; however, after the Seongsan Overpass was built on 31 December, 1979, it was moved to its current spot. A beckon with 'Independence Arch' written over was buried in the old locatio