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New Spots in Seoul

“Designing Waste Resources!”

Seoul Upcycling Plaza

Gyeongchun Line (Railroad) Forest

Seoul Upcycling Plaza is expected to receive over 200,000 visitors per year - Experience value in the healthy circulation of upcycling products involving production, display, sales and operation of a material bank.

The Seoul Upcycling Plaza is a space created to promote the upcycling industry. Upcycling is a Korean word that refers to refreshing the design of abandoned products or recreating them into products with new value by changing the method of utilization. The upcycling plaza provides workshop space to existing companies and potential startups and supports new market opening through material securement, promotion and marketing and special product exhibition. The plaza also provides programs for people to experience the process of resource recycling to help citizens participate in the valuable and healthy circulation of resources.

Gyeongchun Line (Railroad) Forest

  • Opening : September 2017
  • Location : Exit 8 of Janghanpyeong Station (Line 5)
  • Address : 49, Jadongchasijang-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
  • Inquiries : +82-2-2133-3684