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Seoul Lantern Festival 2016


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Under the title of “Lightened Hangang River where history flows,” the Seoul Lantern Festival 2016 will be organized into six themes over the section of 1.2 km. Along the course of the river, various moments of history, culture, and daily lives from prehistoric times to the present will be captured in diverse lanterns.
In particular, “the Story of the Hangang River,” which depicts today’s Hangang River in detail, uses traditional Korean paper and LED lights, and is a large-scale work of 30 meters.
In line with the theme of the history of the Hangang River and Seoul City, the “Seoul City Walking Tours” program will be operated for the first time. If you visit the website of “Seoul City Walking Tours (http://dobo.visitseoul.net/) and make a reservation for Cheonggyecheon 1 among the courses, you can have an opportunity to learn about the history and the culture of Cheonggyecheon areas.
Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese explanation services are available at 10am and 2pm on weekdays and at 10am, 2pm, and 3pm on weekends.
The section between Gwanggyo and Jangtonggyo is created by Seoul Metropolitan Government, local governments, and overseas cities. Unique lanterns from Qingdao, China, Macao and the Philippines, as well as lanterns representing Seoul’s brand ‘I·SEOUL·U.’
In addition to lantern exhibitions, various events for the public’s participation will be held. Events such as Putting up wishing lanterns, Floating wishing lanterns, and Putting up 2017 New Year wishing notes will be held at booths installed at the Gwanggyo Gallery.
Seoul Lantern Festival 2016 Overview