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Seoul Lantern Festival 2014

Overview of Seoul Lantern Festival 2014

  • Theme _ Shining World Heritage of Seoul
  • Period _ 17 days, November 7 (Friday) ~ November 23 (Sunday), 2014
  • Location _ Cheonggye Plaza ~ Supyo Bridge (1.2km)
  • Visitors _ Approximately 3.14 million total visitors (25% increase from the previous year)
        * 630,000 foreign visitors (16% increase from the previous year)


The Seoul Lantern Festival will be held every day from November 7 (Fri) to 23 (Sun) between 5 pm and 11 pm at the Cheonggyecheon (stream) under the theme “Bright World Heritage in Seoul”.

First held in 2009, the Seoul Lantern Festival has become a huge 17-day-long annual event, attracting about 2.5 million people every year, and is held from the first Friday to the third Sunday of November.


The highlight of this year’s Seoul Lantern Festival is the eight-meter-tall “Wish Tree,” which will showcase “wish lanterns” in various colors, containing the wishes of 200 Seoul citizens and foreigners.


The Seoul Metropolitan Government established the professional and independent Seoul Lantern Festival Organizing Committee in June 2014 to develop the annual Seoul Lantern Festival into a prominent culture and tourism festival. The event showcases beautiful “lights” that represent the uniqueness of Seoul, where the traditional and the modern come together. It is sponsored by the Cultural Heritage Administration and the Korean National Commission for UNESCO.


The name of the festival was selected through a name idea contest held in July and a survey conducted in August, with expert opinions also taken into consideration. Until now, the lantern festival had focused on showcasing traditional lanterns, but starting this year, it will include a combination of traditional lanterns and modern lights, such as LED lights.


The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to increase the participation of stores and shops in the Cheonggyecheon (stream) area, as well as lighting manufacturers and designers, in this festival. Also, the city government will foster and expand the festival into a world class event by working with travel agencies and creating tourism products based on the festival.