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Seoul will be hosting the 2019 Seoul Kimchi Festival from November 1 to 3 in Seoul Plaza. This year, in particular, the Family Kimjanggan program will be expanded so that over 600 families can gather to make kimchi using the excellent kimchi recipe provided by the city of Seoul and take it home.

Launched to celebrate the designation of Korean kimjang (making kimchi for the winter) culture as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2013, the Seoul Kimchi Festival has become a representative winter festival of Seoul where people can watch, feel, and taste everything related to the “kimjang culture,” all in one spot. This year, the festival will be held under the theme, “Happy Sharing in Kimjang Day” from November 1 to 3 in Seoul Plaza.

Kimjang Sharing, the main event of the Seoul Kimchi Festival, is a warmhearted sharing event in which more than 5,000 citizens mix over 50 tons of cabbage with seasoning. The kimchi made at the event will be delivered to over 20,000 underprivileged families.

Various participatory programs will be operated during the festival, including ▴ Family Kimjanggan (indoors/outdoors), ▴ Kimchi-making with masters, ▴ kimchi-making for foreigners, and ▴ children’s kimchi class. Aside from these programs, the 2019 Seoul Kimchi Festival will provide visitors with a variety of programs they can enjoy on the spot, including the ▴ Kimchi Museum, where visitors can enjoy exhibitions under the theme of “kimchi from mountainous villages, seaside villages, and islands” organized by the World Institution of Kimchi, ▴ Special Exhibition of Seoul’s Native Kimchi, an exhibition where the restored, real native kimchi of Seoul will be on display, ▴ Kimchi Cooking Show, where famous chefs present dishes made using kimchi, ▴ Local Regional Product Market, where vendors will sell local agricultural products from over 80 regions nationwide, and more. These programs will allow visitors to buy the ingredients needed to make kimchi and learn about the kimchi trends of this year.

For more information on the event and application for participation, visit the website of the Seoul Kimchi Festival (www.seoulkimchifestival.kr) and contact the management office at +82-2-337-9894 for other inquiries.

Overview of 2019 Seoul Kimchi Festival

Event: 2019 Seoul Kimchi Festival
Period: November 1 (Fri.) – 3 (Sun.), 2019 (for three days)
Venue: Seoul Plaza, Mugyo-ro, etc.
Seoul Plaza: Kimchi-sharing, Seoul kimchi-making, Kimchi Museum, Kimchi Cooking Show, etc.
Mugyo-ro: Local Regional Product Market, Special Shopping Area, Youth Food Court, etc.

Overview of 2019 Seoul Kimchi Festival
Program Participants N# of Participants Fee
Kimchi-sharing A group of over 20 people, foreigners 3,000 Free
Kimchi-making with masters Everyone 100 Free
Family Kimjanggan Everyone (indoors) 600
(100 per session during the first and second days, 6 sessions)
KRW 30,000
(5 kg, one additional person can participate)
Family Kimjanggan (Seoul Kimchi Recipe) Everyone (Seoul Plaza) 500
(about 300 households)
KRW 30,000
(5 kg, one additional person can participate)
Kimchi-making for foreigners Those with foreign nationality 720
(80 per session, 9 sessions)
KRW 5,000
Children’s Kimchi Class Children accompanied by an adult 540
(30 teams per class, 9 classes)

※ More information is available on the website of Seoul Kimchi Festival (www.seoulkimchifestival.kr)

Photos of Seoul Kimchi Festival

Photos of Seoul Kimchi Festival
Kimchi Museum Kimchi-making with masters
Familly Kimjanggan