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Meet the newest zones of the Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2019!

– Enjoy daytime fireworks, food and fun! Featuring a variety of programs brought to us by amazing sponsors.

– At Design Week, artworks of world-renowned artists introduce you to an embodiment of the blissful and enjoyable moments of our fireworks.
Learn More: https://youtu.be/c1Ihc-z0AP4

*Design Week : 1st Oct. – 5th Oct.
The art exhibition “Delight-full Atelier” featuring global artists will be held from 1st Oct. to 5th Oct. where you can also get the official festival merchandise.

– The most amazing fireworks show! This year, three teams from China, Sweden and Republic of Korea will participate and light up the night sky.

– Prepare to be blasted away at the after party. You haven’t seen the last of our festival until you’ve met our DJ!
Date: 5TH Oct. 2019 (SAT) 20:40 – 21:30
Venue: Yeouido Hangang Park Main Stage

Hanwha Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2019
Date: 5th Oct. 2019 (SAT) 13:00 – 21:30
Location: Yeouido Hangang Park

Come and enjoy the festival sooner!