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2019 Seoul Garden Show

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October 3 (Thurs.)-9 (Wed.), 2019
Malli-dong Square - Seoullo 7017 - Baekbeom Square - Haebangchon
Village Gardens Everywhere You Go
2019 Seoul Garden Show
Gardens become the seeds of urban regeneration

2019 Seoul Garden Show: Gardens Become the Seeds of Urban Regeneration

○ Garden Show for Urban Regeneration
Different from the Seoul Garden Shows of previous years, the 2019 Seoul Garden Show takes place in regular citizens’ living spheres, not in a giant outdated park. This change of venue aims towards creating a paradigm shift going beyond the reclamation of old parks to an exhibition linked to urban regeneration and creating small yet familiar village gardens in areas with no greenery.

○ Traveling Garden Show for Citizens
Though the previous garden shows were surface-oriented, the 2019 Seoul Garden Show is dot- and line-oriented. The “Garden Road” will be constructed to stretch from Malli-dong Square and Seoullo 7017 through Baekbeom Square to Haebangchon. Large-scale events for a big audience will be avoided, but more traveling events will take place devoted to the goal of diffusing a garden culture.

○ Garden Show for Vitalization of Local Communities
Under the theme, “Gardens Become the Seeds of Urban Regeneration” and the slogan “Village Gardens Everywhere You Look,” the existing contests for the Artists’ Garden and Four-meter Garden will be transformed in to “village gardens” to promote “urban regeneration, local vitalization, and building of local communities.”

Event title 2019 Seoul Garden Show
Period October 3 (Thurs.)-9(Wed.), 2019
Place Seoullo 7017 & Haebangchon
Slogan Village Gardens Everywhere You Look
Theme Gardens Become the Seeds of Urban Regeneration
Main contents Exhibition of gardens with participation of invited artists, artists, and citizens, introduction of the garden industry, garden culture festival, etc.
Homepage https://festival.seoul.go.kr/garden2019 (in Korean)