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Hangang Summer Festival





Let’s enjoy summer vacation at Hangang!

Hangang, filled with excitement and art!

When July 15 (Fri) – August 21 (Sun), 2016 〈38 days〉
Where The whole area of Hangang Park
Theme Hangang, filled with excitement and art!
Slogan Let’s enjoy summer vacation at Hangang!
Program 80 programs with 3 themes


Making special memories for 38 days in Hangang!

The 2016 Hangang Summer Festival, “Hangang Mongddang” will turn Hangang into a cultural recreational ground for 38 days, between July 15 and August 21, where participants can enjoy about 80 different events and programs. The Hangang Project Headquarters, in cooperation with civic organizations and private support groups, has organized various programs such as camping, water leisure sports, circus shows, concerts, film screenings, street festivals, cycling, paper boat racing, fire art, traditional art performances, night market, and more.

Let’s enjoy summer vacation at Hangang!

The 2016 Hangang Summer Festival is being held under the theme of “Hangang, filled with excitement and art,“ with the slogan “Let’s enjoy summer vacation at Hangang”. In order to allow participants to choose programs according to schedule and preference together with their families, friends and loved ones, the programs are categorized into three themes: Staying cool at Hangang (water leisure sports), Touching moments at Hangang (concerts, films, and performances) , and Together at Hangang (ecological experience, camping, and resting). Also, the 11 Hangang parks are set up with different concepts, so participants can have a great time and make special memories in each.

Global Culture Zone, Hangang!

Hangang is the representative cultural attraction of Seoul, visited by people around the world. 2016 will mark the year in which Hangang will be recognized as a global cultural attraction offering various programs for foreign visitors. We invite you to experience the change of Hangang, a global culture zone, together with foreign visitors you meet at the midsummer nights of Hangang.



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2016 Hangang Summer Festival Program


Theme Main Programs General Programs
Staying cool at Hangang
(water leisure sports, swimming, challenges)
Hangang paper boat race, Slide the city, Hangang water park, Hangang water leisure fair, World wakeboard championship, Hangang water fight festival, Bike tour around Hangang Water leisure sports lessons / Free water leisure sports lessons / Water safety class for children / Windsurfing experience / Kayak parade experience / Hangang crossing experience / Blob jump experience / Eco tour on leisure canoe / 2016 Bed Race / Water motorcycle race / Water boat competition / Duck boat race / Hangang droneping / Hangang summer swimming pool
Together at Hangang
(environment, ecosystem, resting)
Hangang summer campground, Hangang night walk 42km, “Biggest used book festival on earth”, Summer ecology school, Open festival Hangang star observation experience / One-day farmer experience / Fishing class / Hangang Zoo project / Boat tour around Bamseom Island / Escaping from tropical heat / Hangang sandy beach / World night market / Hangang line boat ride / Stroller mission expedition / Enjoying old stories of Hangang / Foreigners flash mob
Touching moments at Hangang
(concerts, arts, passion)
“Under the Bridge” film festival, Street performance festival, Hangang fire dancing festival, Seoul story fashion show, Electro dash, Hangang Jazz festival, Tropical night festival Namsadang performance / Hangang ikeu-taekkyon / Hangang traditional theater performance / Play – Hangang Woodcutters / Hangang table theater / Shadow art / Chuncheon puppet show / Gangdong busking festival / ”Dandiuhwa” season 2 / Sail / Concert – Classic movie soundtracks / Bubble fast / Seoul survival / Vie superieure / Under the Bridge Party / Hangang chicken & beer day / Hangang Mongddang X Artrash / Seobinggo bingsu festival / Would you make a movie at Hangang? / Wonder present / Inchworm dream program


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