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  • September 2017 Cultural Events

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    September 2017 Cultural Events

    2017 Culture and Art in Seoul Plaza2017 Culture and Art in Seoul PlazaSep 4 (Mon) – 6 (Wed)
    Sep 11 (Mon) – 16 (Sat)
    Sep 18 (Mon) – 22 (Fri)
    Seoul Plaza Special StageFreeArts and culture performance enjoyed on the lawn of Seoul Squarehomepage buttom
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    2017 Eurasia Altai Cross-cultural Encounter2017 Eurasia Altai Cross-cultural EncounterSep 19 (Tue) – Sep 21 (Thu)Seoul Plaza, Gwanghwamun Square Special Stage, etc.FreeTraditional culture exhibitions, performances, and forums by countries influenced by Altaic culturehomepage buttom
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    2017 King Jeongjo Tomb Parade Reenactment2017 King Jeongjo Tomb Parade ReenactmentSep 23 (Sat)
    Changdeokgung Palace>Sungnyemun Gate
    >Seoul Station Plaza>Pontoon Bridge
    >Nodeulseom Island>Siheunghaenggung Palace
    FreeReenactment of the royal procession of the Joseon Dynasty which departs Changdeokgung Palace and crosses the pontoon bridge arriving at Siheunghaenggung Palacehomepage buttom
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    Seoul Friendship Fair 2017Seoul Friendship Fair 2017Sep 2 (Sat) – 3 (Sun)
    Seoul Square, Mugyo-ro, Cheonggyecheon PlazaFreePerformances by 13 sister/friendship cities and exhibition of world food and promotion booths by 60 embassies in Koreahomepage buttom
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    120, 2133-5299
    Taste of Gugak[Seoul Metropolitan Library] 2017 Seoul Book FestivalSep 9 (Sat) – 10 (Sun)
    Seoul Square, Seoul Metropolitan LibraryFreeFestival participated by libraries, publishing companies, book stores, and book clubs featuring festival libraries, book concerts, and meetings with authors homepage buttom
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    Community Art:Hello[Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater] Outdoor Festival: ‘Donhwamun Sandae’Sep 2 (Sat)
    Donhwamun-ro, Seoul Donhwamun Traditional TheaterFreeOutdoor traditional arts festival held at Donhwamun-ro in front of Changdeokgung Palace.
    Programs featuring outdoor performance, arts and culture experience, and regional exploration
    homepage buttom
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    [Seoul Museum of Art][Seoul Museum of Art]2017–18
    Special Exhibit in Celebration of the Year of Korea-England Mutual Exchange
    The Art of Dissonance: Coexisting with Difference
    Sep 12 (Tue) – Nov 12 (Sun)
    Tue – Fri
    Weekends & Holidays
    *Operation of night museum
    Second Wednesdays,
    Last Wednesdays
    (Culture Day)
    2F & 3F at the Seosomun main buildingFreeExhibition jointly hosted by Seoul Museum of Art and the British Council in celebration of the year of mutual exchange between Korea and Englandhomepage buttom
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    Shisei Kuwabara Photo Exhibition2017 Hangang Run ‘The Value of Hangang, Enjoyed Together’Sep 23 (Sat)
    Yeouido Hangang Park MultiplazaFreeFestival featuring augmented reality race involving finding the hidden story behind 26 bridges.
    Enjoy a rock festival and fireworks on an early autumn night.
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    UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects CongressUIA 2017 Seoul World Architects CongressSep 3 (Sun) – Sep 10 (Sun) 9:00am-8:00pmCOEX Mall (Hall C & D) and DDPFreeAcademic conference (Keynote speech, forum),
    Exhibition (UIA Plaza, Architecture Industry Exhibition,
    platform for students and young architecture professionals),
    children’s architecture festival, etc.
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    9th Seoul Architecture Festival9th Seoul Architecture FestivalSep 1 (Fri) – 24 (Sun) 9:00am-9:00pmCultural parkFreeSpecial lecture, meetings with architects, open lecture, open office, architecture film screeninghomepage buttom
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    [DDP]Seoul Design Week 2017[DDP] Seoul Design Week 2017Sep 21 (Thu) – 27 (Wed) Time differs by eventDDP and around SeoulFreeLeading design festival of Seoul in which designers, citizens, companies and organizations, schools and the local community communicate and sympathize over designhomepage buttom
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