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  • September 2016 Cultural Events Calendar

  • Monthly Event Calendar SMG 5628

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    The world’s No.1 wax dolls museum from Paris
    〈The Grevin Museum〉
    Jul.30 (Thu.)~Sept.30 (Fri.)
    -10:00~21:00 on weekdays, Saturdays, and public holidays -10:00~18:00 on Sundays
    The Grevin Museum 23 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 18,000 won for adults / 15,000 won for minors, students, and senior citizens The Grevin in Paris, Montreal, Pragh and Seoul (the first Grevin in Asia) provides an opportunity for fantastic interactive experience and 80 celebrity wax figure. (last visitor to be admitted by 45 minutes before the close)

    SeMA Biennale
    〈Media City Seoul〉
    Sept.1 (Thu.)~ Nov. 20 (Sun.)
    -10:00~20:00 on Monday thru Friday
    -10:00~19:00 on weekend and public holidays
    (Closed on Mondays)
    The Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA)
    (i.e. those in Seosomun, South Seoul, North Seoul, Nanji Art Studio
    Free admission The 9th biennial event 〈Media City Seoul: (NERIRI KIRURU HARARA)〉


    [The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra] Hans Graf playing Rachmaninoff Symphony No.1 20:00 on Sept.1 (Thu.) The Seoul Art’s Center 70,000 won (R); 50,000 won (S); 30,000 won (A); 20,000 won (B); 10,000 won (C) Debussy Symphony in b minor (played for the first time in Korea); Saint-Saens Piano Concerto No.2; Rachmaninoff Symphony No.1


    [The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra] The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Rehearsal Room Concert II 19:30 on Sept.6 (Tue.) The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Rehearsal Room 10,000 won for all seats Beethoven, Triple Concerto


    [The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra] Village Concert (string and wind instrument music) 19:30 on Sept.7 (Wed.) Yeongdeungpo Art Hall Free admission Schubert Symphony No. 3; Beethoven, Triple Concerto


    [DDP] 2016 Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market @DDP 19:00~24:00 on Fridays and Saturdays between Jun. 24 and Oct.29 (*not on a rainyday) Palgeori Free admission A night market event at DDP

    [Unhyeongung Palace] A history-related concert 18:00~20:00 Sept.2 (Fri.) thru Sept. 23 (Fri.) Irodang Hall, Unhyeongung Palace Free admission A talk concert about the history of Unhyeongung with gugak (Korean tradiaitonal music) played


    2016 Huihuinangnak Hangawi Event 15:00 on Sept.16 (Fri.) Dream Forest Art Center All seats not available LEE Hui-mun & Company’s special performance Geochimeopsi Eolssigu composed of pansori Chunhyangga and performance


    Flute at night – Life & Time, Silica Gel 20:00 on Sept.9 (Fri.) Dream Forest Art Center 15,000 won for all seats Two teams of musicians pursuing their unique music style


    2016 Street Art Market in Seonyudo Island 14:00~20:00 on Sept.2 (Fri.) and Sept.3 (Sat.) Seonyudo Park Free admission A festival-like market composed of performances, puppet shows, vertical dances


    UNICEF/SMG-hosted Festival at Boramae Park 13:00-17:00 on Sept.24 (Sat.) Boramae Park Free admission A special event to encourage people to refresh their view about playing