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Monthly Event Calendar

  • September 2015 Cultural Event Calendar

  • Monthly Event Calendar SMG 2607


    Event Period Venue Admission Details Contact
    Culture and the Arts at Seoul Plaza Sep. 1 (Tue) – Nov. 8 (Sun) 19:00 – 20:30 Permanent Stage at the southeastern part of Seoul Plaza Free A festival featuring performances by groups of artists and musicians funded by Seoul Metropolitan Government as well as citizen performers and artist groups. Includes performances of classical music by Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra as well as other orchestras, performances by artist groups from the Seoul Cultural Center, a b-boy group from the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, street artists participating in the Seasonal Street Arts Festival, and street artist groups participating in Street Art Zone.

    International Exhibition “Ancient Capitals of China: Archaeological Discoveries” Sep. 8 (Tue) – Dec. 6 (Sun) 9:00 – 21:00 Seoul Baekje Museum, Special Exhibition Hall Free An exhibition showcasing relicts excavated from the ancient capitals of China (Chang’an, Luoyang, and Ye).

    Seasonal Street Arts Festival at the DDP Sep. 26 (Sat) – 27 (Sun)
    16:00 – 19:00 (Every weekend)
    DDP Eight Junction, Oullim Square Free The DDP’s Seasonal Street Arts Festival.
    2015 Seoul Focus – Festival of Hands Sep. 8 (Tue) – Nov. 8 (Sun)

    Weekdays: 10:00 – 20:00

    Weekends: 10:00 – 19:00

    (Closed on Mondays)
    Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Exhibition Hall 2 Free An exhibition that allows visitors to experience the work of artists first hand through crafts and design products as well as living arts, in which fine art is blended with its surroundings in practical ways as well as with people’s lives. 02-2124-5271
    Hangawi Event Sep. 28 (Mon) 11:00 – 17:00 Seoul Museum of History plaza, lobby,auditorium, etc. Free Cultural events and performances for family members of all ages to enjoy, including a variety of traditional culture experience programs. 02-724-0112
    Indie-AniFest 2015 Sep. 17 (Thu) – Sep. 22 (Tue) 10:00 – 20:00 Seoul Animation Center Adult: KRW 6,000

    Student: KRW 3,000
    The only indie animated film festival and special exhibition in Korea, held for the eleventh time this year. 02-3455-8341
    Dreaming in Seoul – The First Dream Sep. 30 (Wed) 20:00 Dream Forest Art Center, Concert Hall All seats: KRW 10,000 An inspirational concert featuring the Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra with 45 musicians performing “Arirang,” the song that has been so intricately entwined with the lives of Koreans, as well as a variety of other pieces. 02-2289-5401
    Women’s Choir Association of Seoul Regular Concert Sep. 17 (Thu) 19:30 Yongsan Art Hall, Grand Theater Mir Free An invitational concert for the underprivileged that aims to provide cheerful and meaningful music to citizens and enhance the leadership of women. 02-717-2150