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  • September 2013 Cultural Events Calendar

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    september 2013 Cultural Events Calendar

    Hangawi Hanmadang Grand FestivalSeptember 19
    10:00 AM~5:00 PM
    Seoul Museum of HistoryPyeongyang Art Troupe; puppet show; food; hands-on experience corners
    Chuseok Hanmadang PastimeSeptember 18~
    September 20
    10:00 AM~7:00 PM
    Namsangol Hanok VillageFolk play; making half-moon shape rice cake; paying homage to deceased ancestors with food offering; hands-on experience of traditional farming tools
    Hangawi Hanmadang at ZooSeptember 18 ~
    September 22
    Seoul Grand ParkCultural performance; traditional folk play; programs for hands-on experience
    (Seoul Grand Park Information Center)
    Folk Play and Praying for BlessingSeptember 19 ~
    September 22
    10:30~5:00 PM
    Pyeonghwa Park at World Cup ParkFolk play (yut game, Korean hacky sack, top spinning), praying for blessing
    Things to be Enjoyed by Family Member on ChuseokSeptember 18 ~
    September 22
    2:00 PM