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  • Seoul’s Website Available in +100 Languages

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    Seoul’s Website Available in +100 Languages

    Starting on Dec. 30, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) website will be rendered in more than 100 languages so that non-Korean visitors can gain access to information about Seoul’s history, culture, and municipal policies without language barriers.

    The SMG announced that it would apply Google’s automatic translation to expand the number of foreign languages from six (English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, and Spanish) to more than 100, including Nepali, Vietnamese, and Cambodian. This is for foreign residents who are living in Seoul but are not fluent in Korean to conveniently approach the administration of the SMG in their own language.

    The SMG also enhanced the quality of translation. Four among the languages in service (English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese) will be provided through professional translations, and non-English language services will be provided through translation from refined English content to guarantee high-quality translation.

    It will be easy for anyone to use the SMG’s multi-lingual services. All you have to do is visit the auto-translated website of the SMG (http://world.seoul.go.kr) and choose the language you want. Then, all content of the website will be translated into the language you chose.

    The SMG is launching this service based on the requirement of Russian residents at the Seoul Town Meeting last year. The SMG announced that, examining the opinion of residents that they want a Russian website of the SMG, the city decided to provide website service in a dramatically expanded number of foreign languages in order to efficiently manage the website while flexibly handling more number of languages.