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  • “Seoul’s Tayo Bus”
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 459]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 2085

    The man in the picture below is Lim Jin-wook, the president of Dong-A Transportation, a company that operates the public buses of Seoul. He is the one who suggested that we design the buses in Seoul to look like “Tayo, the Little Bus,” a cartoon character that is extremely popular among young children in Korea. When we met, President Lim shared other great ideas he had to help revolutionize the buses of Seoul.

    We discussed installing features in the buses that children would enjoy, such as making Tayo’s eyes move, and using Tayo the Little Bus and the Elephant Buses for special events on Children’s Day at the Seoul Zoo as well as increasing the number of buses in Seoul to over 100.

    Innovation is always a part of “Bus No. 151”, operated by Dong-A Transportation. I believe a good administrator listens to the ideas of innovators and helps carry them out. Aren’t you excited about all the coming changes happening in Seoul?