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  • Seoul’s Special Transportation Measures for College Scholastic Ability Test Day on November 14

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    Seoul announced that the city has prepared special transportation measures for the convenience of students on the day of the 2020 College Scholastic Ability Test on November 14, 2019 (Thurs.). A greater number of subway trains will be operated, buses will run more often, the taxi rationing system will be lifted, and special means of transportation in case of emergency will be ready.

    810 private/public vehicles with the banner that reads “For Students Only” will be on standby near subway stations, bus stops, and other key locations to help transport students to their test sites. If students request, they can get a ride for free.

    Seoul’s Special Transportation Measures
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    On the day of the test, students with physical disabilities will have priority in reserving call taxis that are exclusively for the use of disabled.

    On the day of the College Scholastic Ability Test, Seoul will also have municipal and public corporation employees report to work one hour later at 10 a.m. so that students can arrive to their test sites on time.

    Each district will do its best to control noise by patrolling areas around the test sites. Nearby construction sites nearby were asked to minimize noise while buses and taxis were asked to refrain from honking their horns in advance so that students can concentrate on the test in a quiet atmosphere.

    Instead of driving a car, riding public transportation is recommended on this day as cars will be banned within a 200-meter radius of a test site, as well as to minimize traffic congestion.