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  • Seoul’s “Smart City Platform for Mayor” to Lead Global Communication in the Age of “Untact”

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    Recently, in the midst of COVID-19, Mayor Park Won Soon of Seoul has had over 20 times of video conferences and seminars with mayors of major cities, such as Los Angeles, the vice president of Colombia, and CEOs of global companies. On these occasions, Mayor Park Won Soon shared the disinfection measures of Seoul and its know-how to tackle COVID-19. The main contributor behind the battle scene is the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s (SMG) “Smart City Platform for Mayor,” its core tool for smart administration as being the world’s first smart city platform based on 32 million administrative big data and cutting-edge information and communications technology (ICT).

    Mayor Park Won Soon led and participated in meetings with participants displayed all at once on the large screen of the Smart City Platform for Mayor set up in his office. He also showed related materials on the display to share with other participants.
    The Smart City Platform for Mayor provides convenience for anyone who has a smartphone or laptop to participate in interactive video meetings without requiring any special device or peripherals. This enabled Mayor Park Won Soon to communicate even with participants from the other side of the Earth, such as South America, transcending borders and time zones and without being restricted by space.

    The SMG announced that the “Smart City Platform for Mayor” is playing an important role in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and has become the central channel of global communication.

    Mayor Park Won Soon during a video conference related to COVID-19 with officials from 45 countries around the world (Mar. 29, 2020)

    Smart City Platform for Mayor set up in the mayor’s office in the main building of Seoul City Hall

    The Smart City Platform for Mayor has evolved over the course of four years since its establishment in 2017. Its greatest competency lies in high efficiency for major decision-making based on integrated data from diverse sources, which make it possible to grasp what happens in the city at a glance in real time.

    When the system was introduced in 2017, it processed about 10 million administrative data. Now, it is handling 32 million administrative big data and 300 million raw data. A single touch on the display in the mayor’s office makes it available to check 2,800 CCTV video channels so that officials can get a grasp on situations without having to visit the place when an emergency occurs.

    Its technology is evolving as well. An advanced system has been established to enable the mayor to give work directions via touch screen and voice/video calls, with video conference function added this year.

    Since April, every citizen can access the same information that Mayor Park Won Soon accesses. All content without privacy-related information are available on the large screen at three major transfer stations (Hongik Univ. Station, Yeouido Station, Changdong Station) as well as on PC/mobile devices.

    More domestic as well as international cities are showing interest in the “Smart City Platform for Mayor” and visiting Seoul almost every week to learn and adopt the system themselves. Up to the present, officials from 250 cities, including Beijing, and government offices have visited Seoul for benchmarking. Now, visiting the Smart City Platform for Mayor and learning from its system has become a must for national leaders and mayors of foreign countries, and CEOs of global companies who come to Seoul City Hall.

    Visit of Chuck Robbins, Chairman and CEO of Cisco System, a global American IT company (Apr. 10, 2019)

    The Smart City Platform for Mayor has received great attention from the largest consumer electronics fair in the world, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 held in Las Vegas on Jan. 7-10, where Seoul participated for the first time. The real-size display was set up in the Seoul section and Mayor Park Won Soon gave a presentation himself, drawing attention from a great number of visitors and foreign media, promoting the status of Seoul as a smart city to the international community.

    Mayor Park Won Soon presenting the “Smart City Platform for Mayor” in the Seoul Section (Tech West) of CES 2020

    Meanwhile, the SMG has plans to continue expanding content displayed via the Smart City Platform for Mayor and updating its features, such as video conferencing, to utilize the system throughout all areas of the city’s administrative affairs.