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  • Seoul’s Safe Parcel Service for Women Available at Banks

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    Seoul’s Safe Parcel Service for Women, which has only been available at community service centers, churches, and gas stations, can now be used at the ATM vestibules of banks.

    Seoul signed an MOU with Shinhan Bank on December 3, 2019 (Tues.) regarding Shinhan Bank lending spaces of ATM vestibules and supporting the operation of new parcel service lockers. The Safe Parcel Service lockers will be installed at five ATM vestibules of Shinhan Bank and begin operation starting on December 4 (Wed.).

    The five ATM vestibules (35 compartments) in which Safe Parcel Service lockers were installed were selected out of directly operated ones in downtown Seoul. They are located in the areas with a high concentration of multi-household residences and single-person households, or with a large floating population near subway stations or universities.

    Seoul is expecting that the installation of the parcel service lockers at ATM vestibules will offer convenience to the residents near universities or subway stations. Launched with 50 lockers, the Safe Parcel Service for Women was expanded to 231 lockers (4,443 compartments) in August 2019. As five lockers are being added this time, the total now amounts to 236 lockers (4,478 compartments).

    Safe Parcel Service
    No. Branch Address
    1 (former) Bongcheonseo Branch 110, Euncheon-ro, Gwanak-gu (Bongcheon-dong)
    2 Sillim Daehak-dong Branch 58, Hoam-ro 26-gil, Gwanak-gu (Daehak-dong, Sillim-dong)
    3 Myongji Univ. Branch 45, Geobukgol-ro, Seodaemun-gu (Namgajwa-dong)
    4 Soongsil Univ. Station Branch 76, Sangdo-ro 37-gil, Dongjak-gu (Sangdo-dong)
    5 Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies Station Branch 23, Hwigyeong-ro, Dongdaemun-gu (Imun-dong)

    The Safe Parcel Service for Women allows people to receive parcels through unmanned lockers installed near their houses without having to face strangers. In July 2013, Seoul was the first city in the nation to introduce the service in an attempt to prevent crimes targeting women, such as robberies by those in the guise of delivery personnel. Over the past six years, a total of 2.18 million individuals (accumulative) have used the service.

    As the Safe Parcel Service for Women was only available for use upon parcel reception, the city is now offering the “parcel sending service,” the first among local governments, in the cooperation with CJ Logistics. Additionally, Seoul has drastically improved the functions of the Safe Parcel Service for Women in order to resolve user inconvenience by changing the parcel arrival alert message from a short to a long message, developing a new app for confirming the arrival of parcels, and introducing a callback system for customer service.

    231 lockers (excluding one out of all of the lockers) of Seoul Safe Parcel Service for Women are in operation 24 hours a day, all year round. There is no utilization fee, but if the parcel storage hours exceed 48 hours, users must pay KRW 1,000 per day.

    The exact locations of the lockers are also available on the Women & Family page of Seoul’s website (https://map.seoul.go.kr/).